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The inauguration that Donald trumped "will be the first one that i miss since I've been in Congress."


The back-and-forth in between President-elect Donald Trump and also civil legal rights leader Rep. Man Lewis, D-Ga., conquered news coverage over the boy name Luther King Jr. Holiday weekend.

It began on Jan. 14 through an excerpt indigenous an interview that Lewis did for NBC’s Meet the Press, in i beg your pardon he stated that while he believes in forgiveness, "it"s going to be very difficult" to forge a relationship with Trump. "I don"t watch this president-elect together a legit president."

Trump conveniently took to Twitter to slam Lewis. In a pair that tweets, trump said, "Congressman man Lewis need to spend an ext time on fixing and helping his district, i beg your pardon is in terrible shape and also falling personal (not to.....mention crime infested) rather than falsely complaining about the choice results. Every talk, talk, speak - no action or results. Sad!"

Trump’s comments drew criticism for ignoring Lewis’s sacrifices in the 1960s civil legal rights movement and for mischaracterizing Lewis’ district. gendergeek.org rated Trump’s assertions around the district greatly False.

Lewis, because that his part, also drew criticism (including native Democrats) for his characterization that Trump together someone that isn’t "a legit president." Lewis’ stance is no universal amongst Democrats. When the 40-plus democracy who space skipping the inauguration is an unusually big number, they amount come a decimal of the autonomous caucus in the House.

In his Meet the Press interview, Lewis underlined the prestige of his concerns about Trump through saying, "It will be the an initial (inauguration) that i miss because I"ve remained in Congress. You can not be at house with something the you feel the is wrong, is no right."

Some readers asked us whether this to be true. It transforms out that it is not.

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Lewis didn’t to visit President George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2001. Shrub prevailed after a weeks-long, controversy-laden recount that finished with a 5-4 can be fried Court decision.