President man F. Kennedy and also Jacqueline Kennedy elevated two kids together throughout their time in the White House, yet just a few years previously they had actually suffered the tragic ns of their first daughter.

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Jackie had currently suffered one heritage in 1955 as soon as she dropped pregnant for the 2nd time, and she knew delivering the son to term would certainly be no easy task.

Due in September of 1956, Jackie make it previous the three-month note – the phase where she miscarried the first time – through her 2nd trimester and also into the third before points went wrong.

John F. Kennedy and also Jacqueline Bouvier sit with each other in the sunshine in ~ Kennedy's family home at Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, a few months prior to their wedding. (Bettmann Archive)

While JFK to be away v friends setravel the Mediterranean top top a yacht, Jackie's pregnancy came to an abrupt and heartbreaking end.

She wake up on the morning of 23 respectable 1956 bleeding heavily. Not long after, Jackie yielded their very first child, a daughter Jackie named Arabella. She was stillborn.

According come reports, Jackie never ever officially called her first daughter, nor does the surname "Arabella" appear on any kind of formal papers or in any type of written records.

However, those closest come Jackie have claimed time and also again that the former an initial Lady described her stillborn boy by that name as she mourned in the months following the traumatic delivery.

Jackie Kennedy, attending the autonomous Convention in respectable 1956. (The LIFE picture Collection via)

JFK soon reverted from his expedition abroad come be through Jackie, though it wasn't his an initial reaction, follow to the Huffington Post.

The outlet argues that he had actually to be encouraged to return to his grieving wife by friends.

"You much better haul her ass ago to your wife if you ever want to run for president," girlfriend George Smathers reportedly told him. And also so JFK did.

In the years the followed, Jackie and JFK would certainly welcome two healthy and balanced children, a daughter called Caroline in 1957 and also a son called John Jr. In 1960.

Jack Kennedy cuddling his darling infant daughter Caroline together Jackie watch on in delight. (The LIFE snapshot Collection via)

The pair welcomed a 3rd child in 1963, but baby Patrick Kennedy was born five-and-a-half-weeks premature and also died after simply 39 hours.

Though just two of her children survived past infancy, Jackie supposedly viewed every one of her pregnancies v the same love and also devotion.

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When editing a book written by her friend, chronicler Arthur Schlesinger, Jackie confirmed that she and also JFK had actually "five children in ten years".