The numerous affairs of john F. Kennedy: Behind the president's 'womanising' reputationBy Jemima Skelley| 4 months ago

When john F. Kennedy was elected US chairman in 1961, that was just 43 year old –– the youngest president in history. He carried a fresh, youthful power to the White House, and also with that came a many glamour and raucous parties.

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But when JFK constructed a public photo of himself as a family members man, married to Jackie Kennedy through two kids, in reality he to be a substantial womaniser. If married he had affairs v multiple women, from Hollywood starlets come White home interns.

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John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie Kennedy. (Bettmann Archive)

Why to be JFK known as a womaniser?

It to be pretty typical knowledge at the moment that JFK was sleeping with many women, also while married come Jackie. Apparently, she accepted them due to the fact that she knew Kennedy would always come earlier to her.

Kennedy allegedly used secret Service to aid him smuggle females in and out of the White home to satisfy him.

According to the NY Post, he supplied to say to people, "If ns don't have sex every day, I gain a headache."

Who go JFK have actually an affair with?

Here are few of the most famous women john F. Kennedy is rumoured come have had affairs with:

Marilyn Monroe is rumoured to have had an affair through JFK. (Getty)

Marilyn Monroe, Hollywood actress. Their work allegedly only lasted for one weekend –– more on that later.

Mimi Alford, a White home intern who comprehensive their 18-month to work in her 2012 memoir Once upon a Secret: my Affair through John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath. She was just 19 in ~ the time, and only a few days into her job when she states JFK seduced her and also slept v her in his wife's bedroom.

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Blaze Starr, a commemorated stripper who, in 1989, told People she'd had a short affair through JFK before he was chosen president. She asserted they met at the strip club whereby she worked. She described him together "wild", adding, "He knew exactly what he was doing with girls, so that didn't take him long".

Judith Campbell Exner, who worked as one informant between the Mafia and also the White House. She alleges she aborted Kennedy's boy in the 1960s ~ falling pregnant throughout a two-year affair. "Jack to be reckless, for this reason reckless," she stated of the president.

JFK and Jackie pictured on their wedding day. (Getty)

Priscilla Wear and also Jill Cohen, White house secretaries known as Fiddle and also Faddle. More on lock later.

Gunilla Von Post, a sweden socialite who claims to have had an affair through JFK –– they met in France, three weeks before he was because of marry Jackie.

Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was married come a CIA agent and frequently visited the White House. She to be shot dead a year ~ JFK's assassination, though she murder was never ever resolved.

Ellen Rometsch, a 27-year-old German prostitute who was rumoured to have actually been deported since of the information she had about the President's exploits.

What is JFK's connection history?

Jacqueline Bouvier met she future husband, and the future president, in ~ a dinner party. (Michael Ochs Archives/Getty)

Kennedy only had one wife, Jackie Kennedy Onassis (nee Bouvier). They met in ~ a dinner party as soon as he was a congressman, and married in 1953 and also stayed together until his assassination in 1963.

The pair had actually four youngsters –– Arabella, that was stillborn, Caroline, born in 1957, john Jr., born in 1960 (17 days after his father to be elected). Their fourth child, Patrick, died two days after he to be born.

How walk JFK and Jackie meet?

Jackie and also JFK to be in comparable social circles, and were formally introduced at a dinner party by a shared friend. Jackie has actually said she was attracted to his physics appearance, wit and wealth.

The pair met in 1952, once she to be 23 years old. Castle married the following year.

What taken place with JFK and also Marilyn Monroe?

Monroe pictured with JFK and also his brother Robert F. Kennedy. (The LIFE photos Collection via Getty)

There room a most rumours about JFK's illicit affair v actress and also sex prize Marilyn Monroe, despite nothing's been confirmed. She was called as among Kennedy's mistresses by investigative reporter Seymour Hersh in his book The Dark next of Camelot.

They met at a dinner party in 1962, and also Kennedy invite her to a party at Bing Crosby's house. Apparently the affair only lasted for a weekend, yet Monroe became obsessed with him and also wanted the relationship to continue. She wanted to take end Jackie's position as an initial Lady, allegedly even calling Jackie come tell she so.

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There were additionally rumours Monroe was affiliated with the president's brother, Bobby Kennedy.

When Monroe passed away of an overdose in 1962 –– which was ruled a suicide –– there to be conspiracy theories that the Kennedy household was affiliated in she death.

The Kennedys pictured in Dallas not long prior to the president was assassinated in 1963. (The LIFE picture Collection via Getty Images)

Who room Fiddle and Faddle?

Fiddle and Faddle are the nicknames of Priscilla Wear and also Jill Cohen, two White house secretaries who were hired to be in ~ the president's beck and also call.

According to countless sources, they were hired to companion the chairman on company trips abroad. Mystery service created their nicknames to hide the affair indigenous Jackie Kennedy.

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However, it's clear Jackie was aware of the women's real roles. In ~ one point, while providing a tourism of the White house to a French journalist, as soon as she pass Priscilla wear she remarked: "This is the girl that supposedly is resting with mine husband".