Peyton Manning has something in usual with every Broncos quarterback who has ever started a super Bowl.

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Peyton Manning is trying to something john Elway already did: victory a Lombari Trophy through Denver. (USATSI)

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When Denver bring away the ar at MetLife stadion on Sunday, it will note the saturday time in franchise background that the Broncos have played in a at sight Bowl. Only the Cowboys and Steelers, who have both appeared in eight at sight Bowls, have actually made it come the NFL"s biggest game more than the Broncos have.

Broncos fans are more than likely hoping that Sunday"s game versus the Seahawks doesn"t rotate out prefer Denver"s an initial four Super key appearances. Indigenous 1977 to 1989, the Broncos appeared in 4 Super Bowls and lost lock by an average of 28.3 points. The closest ns in that span was a 27-10 loss to Dallas in Super key XII. 

The Broncos supervisor Bowl history isn"t one giant nightmare though. John Elway finished his 16-year career in Denver through two right Super Bowls wins v one following the 1998 season and also one following the 1999 season. 

At media work on Tuesday, Elway said that he"s noticed the Super key has obtained bigger due to the fact that the critical time he to be there in January 1999, "It"s just continued to grow, and I think that’s a compliment come the NFL and what it"s to be able come do, just proceeding to flourish this game," Elway said. "It"s a compliment come the players too, and the way that the football player play, and the interest that it currently gathers. So it just continues to grow and also it’s such a spectacle. I"m happy we’re a part of it."

Here"s a look at the super Bowl history of the Broncos. You deserve to see Seattle"s supervisor Bowl history here.

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Super key XXXIII: Denver 34, Atlanta 19 -- In the final game that Elway"s 16-year career, the Broncos quarterback threw because that 336-yards and a touchdown together Denver beat the Atlanta Falcons 34-19. Denver led 17-6 at halftime and also the game was over virtually as quickly as that started. Elway earned the very first and only Super key MVP compensation of his career. Why you can remember this supervisor Bowl: Falcons safety Eugene Robinson was arrested the night prior to the video game for trying to solicit a prostitute. Unfortunately for Robinson, the prostitute turned out to be an undercover cop and Robinson was taken to jail. 

Super bowl XXXII: Denver 31, eco-friendly Bay 24 -- The Broncos were 11-point underdogs and Elway played horrible, yet it didn"t matter due to the fact that Denver had actually Terrell Davis. Davis rushed 30 times for 157 yards and three touchdowns to aid give Denver the win over Brett Favre and also the defending champion Packers. Why you might remember this supervisor Bowl: Elway may have actually struggled in this game, however most world don"t remember that due to the fact that of one beat in the 3rd quarter. Through the video game tied at 17 and also the Broncos dealing with a third-and-6, Elway scrambled and ended up helicoptering into three Packers defenders. The helicopter jump worked and Elway obtained the very first down.

Super bowl XXIV: mountain Francisco 55, Denver 10 -- The Broncos had been blown out in a Super key before, however not prefer they were against the 49ers. If Denver"s 42-10 loss to Washington in Super key XXII was embarrassing, the loss to san Francisco to be humiliating. Super key MVP Joe Montana threw three an initial half touchdowns as mountain Francisco jumped out to a 27-3 halftime lead. Points didn"t obtain much better for Denver in the second half as the Broncos to be outscored 28-7. Why you could remember this at sight Bowl: The 49ers 55-10 victory is tho the largest margin of success in supervisor Bowl background and san Francisco"s 55 points are the most ever scored in a at sight Bowl. 

Super key XXII: Washington 42, Denver 10 -- the the Broncos an initial four Super bowl losses, this one could have to be the most painful. For one quarter against Washington, the Broncos looked favor they to be going to overcome the game. Denver jumped the end to a 10-0 command in the an initial quarter, but then the wheels fell off the wagon and the wagon caught on fire. Redskins quarterback Doug Williams threw four touchdown overcome in the second quarter and Washington scored 35 complete points together the Redskins turn the video game into a route. Williams threw for 340 yards and four touchdowns in the game and took residence the Super bowl MVP Award. Why you could remember this at sight Bowl: With the win, Redskins quarterback Doug Williams came to be the first African-American quarterback to command his team come a victory in the supervisor Bowl. 

Super bowl XXI: NY Giants 39, Denver 20 -- man Elway"s first Super bowl was a memorable one -- for the Giants. Phil Simms perfect a at sight Bowl record 88 percent the his overcome (22 of 25) because that 268 yards and also three touchdowns as brand-new York winner its an initial Super key title in franchise history. Why you could remember this supervisor Bowl: Giants quarterback Phil Simms became the very first Super bowl MVP to utter the most famous postgame words the have ever been uttered, "I"m going come Disney World." 

Super key XII: Dallas 27, Denver 10 -- Peyton Manning has actually something in typical with john Elway -- they to be both drafted by the Colts -- but he likewise has miscellaneous in typical with Craig Morton, the male who started for the Broncos in Denver"s very first Super key appearance. Morton"s start against the Cowboys made that the first player in NFL history to start a Super bowl for two different teams. Morton to be the Cowboys starter in a Super bowl V loss prior to ending increase in Denver and leading the Broncos to Super key XII. Unfortunately for Morton, that wasn"t may be to gain the beat his old team. Morton, Manning and also Kurt Warner room the just quarterbacks to command two different franchises to the super Bowl. Together for the yes, really game, the Cowboys led 20-3 prior to the Broncos finally scored a touchdown. Why you can remember this super Bowl: This is the just Super key in NFL background that had actually a split MVP and also one of only seven time"s in 48 years that a protective player winner the MVP award. Cowboys protective tackle Randy White shared the award through teammate Harvey Martin.