Denver Broncos basic Manager man Elway fields questions native the media throughout a push conference to introduce Vance Josepf together the new head coach (Photo: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


Denver Broncos executive Vice President, man Elway fired three players for kneeling throughout the national anthem.

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The NFL has held turn off from implementing a nationwide anthem plan this season. Yet as part players continue to protest society injustice by taking a knee, the protest’s doubters are phone call on team owner to take action. Follow to a report top top the Internet, Denver Broncos basic manager and also executive evil president man Elway allegedly fired three players who knelt during the nationwide anthem. Did he end up being the first team owner come crack down on player protests? We’ve set the document straight on this internet lore.

Did man Elway Fire Players that Knelt?

Legendary Denver Broncos quarterback, john Elway, currently leads his team from the sidelines together a basic manager and also executive evil president. Yet these days, he’s struggling to strengthen his lineup with numerous of the Broncos injured.

The Broncos played against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday (September 23) and lost 27-14. And now, Elway is the topic of an virtual report that says he fired three players because that kneeling throughout the anthem.

Google fads recorded rise in find terms pertained to “John Elway fired,” and also “John Elway kneeling,” i m sorry is a clean indication that many want to know if this news is true.


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Facebook and also Twitter users have shared this report and lauded Elway because that firing the players. Some even wondered why other media outlets no reporting ~ above this. Meanwhile, other web users described that no one is reporting on this simply since the news is fake.

Sure enough, Elway there is no fired any of his football player on Sunday. So, before you walk believing this item of news and sharing that online, let’s placed all the facts right into perspective.

This Is a Satirical Piece

The initial report the this news to be posted ~ above a website dubbed America’s Last heat of Defense. It renders up news because that entertainment, satire, and humor, specifically to bait trump card supporters right into believing your stories and also sharing them.

The website has actually a clean disclaimer that claims none the what it posts is true. Nonetheless, countless tend to believe the news top top the website is real.

Furthermore, the resources cited in the article redirect to unrelated memes. In fact, the writer the this piece, Flagg Eagleton, doesn’t even exist.

No Broncos Knelt during the Game

The report states that man Elway warned his players of consequences if they knelt throughout the nationwide anthem. Apparently, 3 players, Mavius Malphner, Ladamian Brown, and DeShaq Darq took a knee, prompting Elway to march across the field and also fire castle on the spot.

If you haven’t guessed already, no such players called Mavius Malphner, Ladamian Brown, and also DeShaq Darq exist in the NFL at all. And Elway had no factor to fire any kind of of his players.

All players from both the Broncos and also the Ravens stood for the nationwide anthem on Sunday.

In September 2017, Elway said he understands how the football player feel, yet he to trust in standing for the nationwide anthem. The former quarterback wants to keep politics out of football. His explain was seen as a contradiction to Broncos chairman Joe Ellis’ open support come the players taking a stand.

Elway sparked one more debate ago in respectable 2018, when he stated that Colin Kaepernick was readily available to play for the Broncos in 2016.

“We offered him a contract. He didn’t take it. So together I stated it in my deposition, ns don’t know if I’ll it is in legally able to say this, however he’s had his opportunity to be here. That passed it,” Elway said.

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So, in light of these facts, the case that Denver Broncos’ man Elway fired three of his players due to the fact that they knelt during the national anthem is completely false.