adhering to his lose to roman inn Reigns at SummerSlam 2021, john Cena questioned the retirement subject on "Good Morning America".

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John Cena
John Cena"s latest WWE run witnessed him fall short of catching that elusive and record-breaking 17th civilization Championship.

The wrestler-turned-actor put on a clinic versus Universal Champion roman inn Reigns in the main event of Saturday"s SummerSlam 2021 pay-per-view in las Vegas, Nevada. However Reigns regulated to pen the 16-time people Champion and also future room of Famer to retain his title. And also barring a surprise on this week"s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, that looks like Reigns will hit the one-year mark as the global Championship holder.

offered Cena"s period (44) and also extremely busy Hollywood schedule, it"s not too at an early stage to wonder if retirement is comes sooner fairly than later.

The topic came up during an illustration on ABC’s Good Morning America (h/t, yet Cena suggested that retirement isn"t exactly approximately the corner.

"You know, i think… and I’ve do this comment before, i think i will shot to carry out the finest I can until ns feel together if ns offending the consumer. A the majority of times you desire to kinda hold onto that lightning bolt. There is nothing choose the energy of being in the ring through the audience roughly you. Yes nothing prefer it. I’ve had actually the fortune and opportunity to execute a totality lot the stuff…. That power is indescribable, that location is mine home, ns wouldn’t be that I am there is no it.

The audience is mine family, so ns love the environment, yet I likewise want come be sort to them and I don’t want to do it selfishly just to execute it. I still feel good, also though ns finished second, i still feel pretty good. So, ns still feel as if I have actually something come contribute, for this reason time will certainly tell."

So, it sounds favor Cena fans won"t need to worry about him retiring any time in the foreseeable future.

It"s precious noting that Cena is still slated to appear on the Sept. 10 illustration of Friday Night Smackdown at Madison Square Garden in new York City, brand-new York. However after that? It"s anybody"s guess once we"ll see Cena back in the squared circle.

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john cena roman inn reigns
SummerSlam 2021 marked Cena"s first match since WrestleMania 36, when he shed a cinematic "Firefly funny House" complement to Bray Wyatt. Excluding house shows, Cena has wrestled four matches dating ago to the begin of 2019.

This Can"t it is in It For man Cena In WWE

Cena is still in wonderful wrestling shape, and the crowd reactions said it out: He continues to be a marquee money draw for the WWE, even if he just shows up a grasp of times each year.

nothing is guaranteed, yet you can"t aid but think WWE will ultimately want come hand Cena the elusive 17th human being Championship reign. He led the method as the company"s optimal superstar for around a decade, ~ all. But only time will tell united state if Cena manages to rest the document he currently shares with Ric Flair.