john Cena Addresses once He'll Retire native WWE The suicide Squad star man Cena addresses his ultimate retirement from WWE, speak "time will certainly tell" as soon as he decides to part ways with the company.

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John Cena
man Cena recently took a question about his timetable for retiring from WWE.

When inquiry on Good Morning America around whether or no he had plans to make a definitive departure from the promo after virtually two years as among its greatest stars, Cena offered a thoughtful response. After acknowledging the thrill he feels when performing because that WWE fans, Cena demurred on the subject of exactly when he can leave the squared circle behind.

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"The audience is my family, so i love the environment, however I additionally want to be sort to them and I don"t desire to carry out it selfishly just to carry out it," Cena admitted. "I still feel good, even though ns finished second, i still feeling pretty good. So, ns still feel together if I have something come contribute, and time will tell."

The interview kicked off on the subject of SummerSlam 2021, in i m sorry Cena "finished second" behind reigning WWE global Champion, roman Reigns. "Unfortunately in WWE you don"t obtain a silver- medal, yet I"ll take 2nd place," he conceded. Once asked if the will ever before retire or if he"s even allowed to move on indigenous WWE, Cena detailed an introspective account that his endure on the mat.

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"You know, ns think… and I"ve make this comment before, ns think ns will shot to perform the ideal I deserve to until i feel together if I"m offending the consumer," he said. "A lot of times you desire to kinda host onto that lightning bolt. Over there is nothing like the energy of being in the ring with the audience approximately you. There"s nothing prefer it. I"ve had actually the fortune and also opportunity to carry out a totality lot of stuff…. That power is indescribable, that ar is my home, ns wouldn"t be who I am without it."

With a hiatus native the sports just beginning after his defeat at the hands of Reigns, Cena is however keeping an extremely busy through a slew that film and also TV projects. Hulu"s Vacation Friends, which Cena to be promoting throughout his appearance on ABC"s morning show, is one of countless titles top top the way that he"s thrown his weight behind. The F9 star will soon be headed to the UK to co-star alongside Henry Cavill and Samuel L. Jackson in Matthew Vaughn"s spy thriller, Argylle. That is also set to show up in HBO Max"s Peacemaker, reprising his duty from The suicide Squad. If apparently transforming away from professional wrestling toward a burgeoning career as a movie star, Cena is still reserved to beat a duty in SmackDown at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 10.