While many human being will probably live the rest of their lives trying come forget the year 2020, there were part celebrities the actually finished up having actually a pretty great year. This is specifically true because that Joe Rogan who signed a massive address Spotify.

The brand-new deal method that his podcast will currently have much more restrictions, however, it also comes with a lot bigger paycheck. Rogan likewise recently decided to move from LA to Texas where he currently lives in a big estate that cost over $14 million. If Rogan states that he finished up leaving California for a wide variety of reasons, countless fans speculate the the actual reason that left to be to acquire out of having to pay greater taxes.

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Joe Rogan performs during an appearance at The Ice residence Comedy society | Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images

Joe Rogan’s new Spotify deal

Rogan began his podcast,The Joe Rogan Experienceback in 2009. Practically immediately, his show had a big fan base, and also for the next decade, it ranked as one of the highest-rated podcast ~ above Apple’s height 100 podcast list.

One the the points that world love around Rogan’s podcast is the reality that he is no afraid to invite controversial guest onto his show and talk about stigmatized topics. Because that a while, it appeared as if nothing to be off-limits ~ above his show.

This is why many long-time fans of the display were surprised and upset when they heard the he agreed come haveThe Rogan Experienceplay solely on Spotify. The brand-new deal meant that Rogan would currently be $100 million richer.

However, that also method that his new show will certainly be censored. According to The Diamondback, the employees at Spotify hosted a meeting to voice their concerns over the controversial topics and language the are used in his shows. And, after the show finally walk debut ~ above Spotify, plenty of fans noticed that there were numerous previous shows that had been missing from the catalog.

Why did Joe Rogan choose to move to Texas?

Joe Rogan describes Why He's leave Los Angeles for Texas Officiallyhttps://t.co/wYbNivW19L pic.twitter.com/uJZwz2EU7X

— Barstool sports (
barstoolsports) July 25, 2020

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As Newsweek reports, earlier in July, Rogan announced that he would certainly be relocating out the his house in LA and relocating to Texas.On his podcast, Rogan proud announced “I’m outta here, I’m gonna go to Texas.”

When discussing the factors for leaving, Rogan, said, “I just want to go somewhere in the center of the country, somewhere it’s easier to travel to both places, and somewhere wherein you have the right to have a little an ext freedom.”

However, he also detailed that the recurring pandemic was additionally to blame for the sudden have to relocate. “Also i think that where we live right right here in LA is overcrowded. And also I think, most of the moment that’s not a problem,” Rogan said. “But i think it’s exposing the reality that it’s a real concern when you look at the number of people the uh, are capturing COVID therefore overpopulation issue.”

While the factors that Rogan listed for leaving seem reasonable, numerous fans think the his brand-new multi-million dollar Spotify deal may be the real motivation for leaving.

While life in California, Rogan will certainly be forced to salary 13.3 percent in state income taxes. Through his new $100 million deal, that way that he would need to pay end $13 million in income taxes. However, in Texas, people are not compelled to salary state income taxes, which way he would have the ability to save a most money each year.

Joe Rogan is no the very first celebrity to leaving California due to the fact that of high taxes rates

Gene Simmons Struts the end of $22 Million Benedict Canyon Mansion https://t.co/HPxHOEqyxs

— variety (
Variety) October 27, 2020

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If Rogan did decision to leave due to California’s taxation rates, he certainly wouldn’t be the first person to move out that the state because that this reason. Number of celebrities have chosen to leave California this year. And also legendary KISS frontman, Gene Simmons, called The wall Street Journal previously this year the he and also his family members were plan on marketing their L.A. Mansion to relocate to Washington, whereby he would certainly no longer need to pay state income taxes.

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“California and also Beverly Hills have been treating folks that develop jobs an extremely badly and also the tax rates are unacceptable,” Simmons said. “I occupational hard and pay my taxes and also I don’t desire to cry the Beverly Hills blues, but enough is enough.”

Simmons right now has his LA house — wherein he and also his family lived for 36 years — provided for sale for $22 million. And as California’s income tax rates continue to increase, the variety of celebrities that select to move out of the state will much more than likely rise as well.