Former president Obama in 2015 pushed previous Vice chairman Joe Biden
Joe BidenBiden and China"s Xi to hold virtual summit Monday: reports Briahna joy Gray: Biden "playing the fool" through student blame cancelation Defense & national Security — Biden clues Veterans Day much more not to operation for chairman in 2015, The new York time reported Sunday.

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According come the Times, Obama "gently pressed" Biden ~ above his 2016 presidential ambitions over several weeks. The then ultimately had a strategist deliver a discouraging evaluate to Biden that his odds in the race versus then-front runner Hillary Clinton

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“The president was not encouraging,” Biden later on said, follow to the Times.

Obama thought at the time that Clinton, that would become the democratic presidential nominee and also lose to chairman Trump

Donald TrumpJan. 6 panel demands Meadows testify Friday or danger contempt charge Defense & national Security — Biden clues Veterans day Trump endorses Texas rep who claimed he "very well might have" committed impeachable offenses much more in the general election, had the finest chance come win, follow to the Times. Obama likewise didn"t think Biden was in the best state of mental to project for president following the fatality of his son, Beau, the newspaper reported.

Biden at some point did not seek the autonomous nomination because that president throughout that election, citing the "grieving process" following his son"s death from mind cancer.

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The revelation the Obama motivated Biden not to run comes job after Biden officially released his bid for the democratic presidential nomination in 2020. 

Biden has already tied himself close come Obama in his campaign, though he stated he request Obama no to endorse him.

“I asked president Obama no to endorse,” Biden claimed last week. “Whoever wins this nomination must win the on their very own merits.”