Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a notoriously racist and also destructive guy who to be convicted previously in 2017 because that ignoring a judge's order to protect against racially profiling his Arizona ingredient by preventing Latino world at website traffic lights to check for undocumented immigrants. Arpaio's crimes against human beings in his jails room extensive. Prior to he to be voted out of office, that reportedly created a "tent prison" mechanism in the Arizona desert, where prisoners were hosted in tents that reached up to 128 levels everyday. Pregnant ladies in his jail were allegedly shackled to the beds during labor. The death rate native neglect and also suicide in his jails was astronomical.

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Anyway, chairman Trump pardoned him, soon after catching criticisms for just how he spoke of white superior violence in ~ the recent protests in Charlottesville. 

NEW: Phoenix mayor Greg Stanton claims pardon of previous Arizona sheriff Joe Arpaio is "a slap in the face" in statement

— NBC News (

Arpaio liked to layout himself together the "toughest sheriff in America." Arpaio chosen to format himself together the "toughest sheriff in America." however reports show that Arpaio was not only tough and also cruel, however inept. This story the a fail raid was brought to fist again adhering to Arpaio's pardon by former values Director Walter Shaub, showing how Arpaio offered a poorly trained force in Arizona permission to conduct raids as it observed fit, with damaging consequences.

For Nat'l Dog day let's remember the time JoeArpaio's Deputies set a puppy ~ above fire, laughing in ~ its sobbing owner as it died a ghastly death

— Walter Shaub (

The story excerpted there is indigenous the Phoenix News Times, and also it recommendations a bumbling raid made by Arpaio's policemans on a house that ended in a fire and the fatality of a dog because that no reason:

And in the ultimate display of cruelty, a SWAT team member drive a dog trying to flee the home ago into the inferno, wherein it met one agonizing death.Deputies then apparently laughed together the dog's owners came unglued as it perished in the blaze."I was crying hysterically," Andrea Barker, among the dog's owners, tells me. "I was so upset. They to be laughing in ~ me."

The raid to be ostensibly to uncover an illegal stockpile of firearms supposedly in the house. In the end, over there were 2 guns, both registered and legal. No crime had been committed, no charges to be pressed, yet a residence was burned down in a densely inhabited neighborhood. 

According come the story, the police were acquiring dressed for the raid in the former yard and one of their vehicles went rogue and also created property damages when the division failed. Despite they fired canisters the pressurized gas into the house, they had actually no fire van on standby. They ultimately blamed the blaze on a candle in an top bedroom, claiming it to be knocked over in the scuffle. The house's owners disagree. The dog's body was left in the building for 5 days.

It's a terrible story, but just one of countless worse. And this is the male Donald trump card thanked for his "admirable service."

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