As far as nation music biopics go, Walk The Line is increase there through the best of the best. It speak the life story of Johnny Cash and his trip from a bad country boy to vast country star.

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The 2005 struggle movie garnered countless award nominations, through Reese Witherspoon, who depicted June Carter Cash, winning an Oscar for she performance. Joaquin Phoenix, that played Johnny Cash, was additionally nominated for an Oscar.

The project was a lengthy time coming, and ended up being released ~ both legends had actually passed away. Johnny and also June’s kid John Carter Cash offered as an executive producer and also the movie obtained raved reviews from nation music fans around the world.

Like plenty of other movies, over there are lots of things that go on behind the scenes that us common folk have actually no idea around – until now! Let’s take it a look at at seven behind-the scenes-secrets you most likely didn’t know around the critically acclaimed film Walk The Line.

1. The Sink cram Scene


The step in Walk The Line where Johnny Cash traction the sink turn off the wall was, in fact, not scripted. Joaquin Phoenix improvised the scene.

2. The Fake Johnny and also June were The genuine Deal

Phoenix and also Witherspoon did all their very own singing in the film. They also learned exactly how to play the tools their characters played. Phoenix learned come play the guitar in the unique Cash style and also Witherspoon learned just how to beat the auto harp.

3. Johnny’s song Were practically Performed In A higher Key

Johnny Cash is known for his low, rich sounding voice. After 6 months of vocal training, Phoenix’s voice to be still too high to perform the song in the original key. The entire band learned every song in a greater key, however just before filming started, Phoenix’s voice dropped and also they had to re-learn the songs in the initial key!

4. Johnny Cash Is Tall, Joaquin Phoenix Is Not

Johnny Cash stood at the height of six-foot-two-inches tall. Joaquin Phoenix is simply 5-foot-eight – a major height difference!

5. The jail Scenes Weren’t shot In Prison

While Cash’s jail performances were component of who he was together a musician, the scenes were no filmed at an yes, really prison, even though the looks therefore real.

The gibbs revealed this information throughout an interview through MovieWeb. Every the detainees were extras and rumor has actually it the it was his idea to no let the extras eat, drink, or walk the bathroom, for this reason they’d have actually a tense atmosphere to film in.

6. Johnny Cash and also June Carter Cash approved The Casting

Six months before he even met the director of Walk The Line, Phoenix randomly had dinner through Johnny and also June. Supposedly Cash to be a vast fan that Phoenix’s film Gladiator and they had actually a friend in common who set them up for dinner.

Once Phoenix was attached come the project, Cash was every for it. His lovely mam loved the enhancement of Witherspoon as well. She passed far just before production started and also Cash passed a few months after ~ that. Neither were able to watch the film, however a close Cash friend, Kris Kristofferson, told Phoenix after ~ a showing of the film, “Thanks so lot for law this film and also doing john proud. The was great.

7. Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon Didn’t gain Along…At First

It seems life imitated art for these two actors. If they to be both taking intense vocal class for six months prior to shooting began, stress rose and also they dealt with a lot. In interviews, lock both have actually admitted come not obtaining along.

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Once filming began, manager James Mangold, revealed they came to be such close friends that their relationship came to be codependent. According come Mangold, “After the filming wrapped, Phoenix admitted to him the he and also Witherspoon had actually relied top top each other so lot that they do a mystery pact. The transaction was the if one of them left or reduce out, the other would leave together well.

Did y’all know any type of of these facts?! We certain didn’t i beg your pardon one is your favorite? Sound off in the comments!