Joaquin Phoenix is a favourite to victory an Oscar for best Actor because that his duty in Joker.

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To gain into the character of Arthur Fleck, Phoenix shed 52 pounds for the duty by eat a border diet that was managed by a doctor.Phoenix stated the weight loss offered him a feeling of control and also the confidence to dig deep into the Joker’s persona.

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix is a favourite to win finest Actor in ~ the 92nd yearly Academy Awards for his portrayal that the iconic antihero—but the role certainly came v its challenges. To make this variation of the Joker legendary, Phoenix fully transformed his body and lost 52 pounds to obtain the troubled, perpetually laughing character of Arthur Fleck, who becomes the Joker end the course of the film, simply right.

A few months before filming began, the 45-year-old actor review through the script and also met through writer and also director Todd Phillips. That was decided that he essential to “look hungry and unhealthy” to carry out the part justice.

Before undergoing very restrictive diet, Phoenix met v a medical professional to certain his health and wellness wasn’t placed at risk. “It’s miscellaneous I’ve excellent before and you work with a physician regimented and also overseen and safe,” he told Access Hollywood. (In fact, he operated with the same doctor who assisted him drop weight for 2012’s The Master, which likewise coincidentally earned the an Oscar nomination for best Actor.) many of the procedure involved restricting calorie in a short time expectations so that his personality would appear malnourished, through his ribs and also spine protruding.

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Initially, Phillips was a little nervous. “It was currently like June and he hadn’t started and also we begin shooting in September,” the said. And he’s like, 180 pounds. The wasn’t fat yet we’re talking around getting come 125 pounds.”

Rumors swirled that Phoenix ate just an apologize a day come prep for the role, however he brushed that one off. “It wasn’t one apple a day. No, you’ve likewise got lettuce and also steamed green beans,” he said.

However, in one interview ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live last October, Phoenix admitted the procedure was “difficult” physically and also even walking increase flights of steps “takes favor 30 seconds” come “talk yourself into it” (making his now-iconic stair dance scene even an ext meaningful).

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He likewise explained that he i heard over also tiny transforms in figure. “So much of what’s complicated is waking increase every day and also being obsessed over, like, 0.3 pounds. Right? and also you really develop a disorder,” the revealed to the associated Press.

However, Phoenix stated the weight loss likewise gave that a feeling of control and also the trust to dig deep into the Joker’s persona.“I felt like I could move my body in means that i hadn’t to be able to before. And I think the really lent itself to several of the physical movement that began to emerge as an important part that the character,” the told the AP.

Still, speaking at the Venice movie Festival last August, Phoenix to be clear around the ramifications of taking such extreme measures because that Joker, i beg your pardon is nominated because that a full of 11 Academy Awards. “As it turns out, that results your psychology,” he said, “and girlfriend really begin to walk mad once you shed that much weight in the amount that time.”

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