Dr. David M. Gelmont, who treated Muppets creator Jim Henson at new York Hospital, said Henson apparently came down with the flu Friday in north Carolina and was examined over there by a medical professional who did not find any pneumonia.

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His condition worsened, and also Henson went back to new York on Monday, yet the pneumonia eventually resulted in multi-organ failure, Gelmont said.

Gelmont said Henson had actually been admitted to the hospital early Tuesday with "galloping pneumonia" untreated because that at the very least three days.

In an answer to a reporter"s question, Gelmont stated the pneumonia to be "categorically" no AIDS-related. "He had actually pneumonia, definitely, absolutely, no AIDS, " Gelmont said.

"Tragically, the acute infection had already progressed to such an extent that he had actually multi-organ failure: kidney failure, inability of the blood come clot, love failure and also shock," the hospital stated. "At this stage, antibiotics could not turning back the process."

Asked why Henson can have permitted his wellness to damage for several days there is no seeking more help, Susan Berry, a publicist for Jim Henson Productions, replied:

"My assumption: v is the was totally absorbed, that couldn"t it is in bothered. He was very cavalier through his health. I"ve well-known him for 5 years, and I think he to be sick twice throughout that time."

The death of Henson, whose warm and fuzzy Muppets choose Kermit the Frog taught and delighted millions worldwide, shocked those who appreciated his art.

Bob Keeshan, television"s "Captain Kangaroo," said Henson "never talked down to children, he never degraded children, and that"s why his work was universally accepted."

"His donation was not simply to children"s TV," Keeshan added. "Jim"s work-related really was universal and appreciated by adults as much as children."

Fred Rogers, host of one more children"s program, pops Rogers" Neighborhood, detailed Henson"s contribute to publicly television.

Despite the fatality of Henson, Ponce D. Lion and also the other Muppets he created will still acquire a collection on the Disney television Channel, and also a 3-D Muppet movie will be produced as planned, a Disney spokesman said.

Henson marketed the legal rights to the immensely well-known Muppets come Walt Disney Co. Critical year because that a report $150 million.

The permanent deal that brought Kermit and Miss Piggy come the Disney menagerie consisted of Henson"s an imaginative services as well as the use of the Muppet characters, which room seen top top TV in 100 countries. It to be announced critical August, but is still no final.

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Henson"s office in brand-new York declined discuss how the death would impact the commitment with Disney. Yet Disney spokesman Erwin Okun said, "I"ve talked with the vital people involved in the deal, and also they expect whatever will proceed as usual.

"He will be sorely missed, no question. Yet the Henson organization is great," Okun said. "Even through a giant, as he was, it"s not just a one-man organization."

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