Candice Crawford and Tony Romo official got involved Thursday night, as the Dallas Cowboys quarterback proposed to the previous Miss Missouri while they to be celebrating she 24th birthday.

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In case you haven"t been paying attention, this is far-ranging given Romo"s date history. You may have heard about his connection with Jessica Simpson, and he likewise had an on-and-off partnership with Carrie Underwood.

So exactly how does Candice stack up against Romo"s past flings? Well, that"s what us are right here to discuss.

Start the slideshow because that a considerable review that Romo"s date history.

Romo made his first, well, let"s speak to it a foray right into the music people when he started dating country star Carrie Underwood so late in 2006.

But come this day, Romo has maintained their partnership was never that serious.

However, one also suspects lock were much more than "just friends," together they say.

If so, ours hats need to go turn off to Mr. Romo.

To put it simply, Carrie Underwood is a very an excellent catch.

Indeed, she"s one of the many popular country singers the the critical decade, and also her career started with a bang when she winner American Idol in 2005—the show"s 4th season.

Since then, she"s won plenty of awards and has produced several hit songs. She additionally sang the national anthem at last year"s at sight Bowl.

So yeah, she"s sort of a large deal.

In a word: very.

After all, she is a famous singer, and also I"m pretty certain there are details requirements once it involves a job like that.

And let"s confront it, bums choose you and I have actually no ideal to nitpick anyway.

When Romo began dating Jessica Simpson in November 2007, he officially came to be the NFL"s most famous Lothario.

However, his relationship proceeded to come to be something the a debate when Romo"s power sagged under the stretch. And also when the Cowboys were bounced indigenous the playoffs in the Divisional playoff round, it to be officially a problem for plenty of people.

They split two year later.

As much as records go, there aren"t plenty of on Jessica Simpson"s level.

In enhancement to being extraordinarily hot, she"s also a an extremely talented singer and actress.

But perhaps many impressive around her is that she"s more than likely the only pop star indigenous the late 1990s and early 2000s that didn"t walk crazy.

To answer the above question, ns shall direct your fist to the photo on her left.

In fact, I"d be very surprised, and also perhaps also flattered, if you"re even reading this.

Yeah, she"s hot.

Romo and Crawford started dating in the summer of 2009, soon after Romo"s much-publicized breakup v Jessica Simpson.

One of the factors there hasn"t been much ink spent on behalf of their relationship is since her name just isn"t as large as Carrie Underwood"s or Jessica Simpson"s. In addition, Romo play pretty well while he was with her in 2009, which basically way that people didn"t have any grounds to bitch about his love life.

In short, she"s a pretty great catch.

As I"ve already mentioned she was named miss Missouri in 2008, and later placed in the optimal 10 in the miss USA pageant.

Since then, she"s functioned as a reporter because that KDAF in the Dallas-Fort precious area. She additionally hosts the Cowboys" weekend sports show, Special Edition. One would assume that"s exactly how she and Romo met.

Well, she"s a former beauty queen, for this reason she"s pretty lot made her name by gift hot. And also that"s something the Romo"s other two past flings can"t say.

Not that anybody is faulting Mr. Romo for proposing to a former beauty queen, yet I"d say he"s done pretty well because that himself.

Cheers, Tony.

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