Although the two never became physically intimate, she composed that the emotional connection felt choose a "betrayal" worse than sex.

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Jessica Simpson isn"t shying far from informing her story. Native painstakingly detailing her recovery from addiction to dropping the truth that she once unwittingly kissed Justin Timberlake because that a bet, the singer-actress is proof that the cooking recipes to relocating forward is embracing her past.

The confessions don"t end there. Per People, Simpson"s new memoir, Open Book, likewise includes a revelation about her partnership with Johnny Knoxville, her costar in the 2005 movie The Dukes of Hazzard. The two mutual a deep, "emotional affair" during her marital relationship to Nick Lachey.

"I might share my deepest really thoughts with him, and also he didn"t role his eyes at me. That actually chosen that i was smart and adopted my vulnerabilities," she wrote. "He thought in me and also made me feel I could do anything."

She additionally said she "felt a force drawing together" and "wondered why was open up to this." She continued, writing, "Now ns was afraid ns couldn"t to trust myself."


The critical time she felt together a solid emotional link was v her father, she divulged, adding, "Certainly no my husband."

Simpson ensured that points never obtained physical between the two. "First off, we were both married, therefore this wasn"t going to get physical," she wrote. "But to me, an emotional affair was worse 보다 a physical one. It"s funny, ns know, since I had placed such focus on sex by not having actually it prior to marriage. After ns actually had sex, I interpreted that the emotional part was what mattered. ... Johnny and also I had that, which seemed far an ext of a betrayal to my marital relationship than sex."

Simpson and Lachey ultimately divorced in 2005, after seven years of gift together and three years of marriage.

In a recent interview with the Today show, Lachey talked around Simpson. "I"ll be honest, i obviously haven"t check out the book," that said, sitting next to his wife, Vanessa Lachey. "So, ns don"t understand what she stated or what she revealed there, yet I"m definitely happy for her and also her life. I understand she is happy for us."

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