Jerry Jones to be inducted into the agree Football room of call in 2017. During Jerry Jones" time as the Dallas Cowboys owner, they"ve won three Super Bowls, three NFC Championships, and 10 NFC department Championships.

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"Nobody ever got come the top trying to have it top top his finest day. Football mirrors you exactly how to perform it when it"s no your ideal day."

The Dallas Cowboys owner has earned the appropriate to it is in in the pro Football room of Fame. Also with every the success, fans still ask exactly how Jerry Jones ended up being a room of Famer? Let"s take a look.

How did Jerry Jones make it right into the room of Fame?

Jerry Jones purchased the Dallas Cowboys franchise in 1989.

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Due to the fact that buying the Cowboys, Jones has revived the winning legacy for Dallas. Exterior of owning the most an useful NFL franchise, Jerry Jones offers the NFL with management in marketing, sponsorship, television, stadium management, and also labor negotiations.

For the 15th right year, the Dallas Cowboys room the most an important franchise in the NFL