If there’s one point Jennifer Love Hewitt adores an ext than acting, it’s being the proud mommy of her 3 kids. The Ghost Whisperer alum shares her children, Autumn, Atticus and newborn Aidan v her longtime husband, Brian Hallisay.

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The Hollywood pair announced in might 2021 they were expecting their third child. “Oh baby! us have another one top top the way. So excited to finally share this news with every one of you,” the pregnant mama composed on Instagram. “Thank friend
clearblue for being component of ours journey and also giving united state a communication to re-publishing this news!”

The Client List actress announced she provided birth to infant No. 3 on September 9, 2021. “It is claimed that females leave their bodies in labor … they travel to the stars to collect the souls of your babies and also return come this human being together,” she wrote via Instagram. “It to be my greatest honor to go and also collect you, Aidan James. Now ago to snuggles and resting.”


The beloved beauty competent motherhood because that the an initial time ~ she welcomed daughter fall with Brian in November 2013. A couple of years later, the longtime pair gave their youngster a tiny brother once son Atticus to be born in June 2015.

Throughout the first few years of she children’s lives, the I understand What friend Did last Summer star effortlessly master juggling her hectic occupational schedule while elevating her tots. Back she to be apprehensive about bringing up her kiddos in the spotlight, Jen previously revealed that looking back, motherhood actually helped her in her Hollywood career.


Jennifer Love Hewitt has it All! within Her Glamorous L.A. Home

“I think before ending up being a parent, love to be something that sounded beautiful and also was out there and portrayed in movies and felt at specific times when I met my husband,” she called Us Weekly in august 2019, noting it was just months after your 2013 nuptials that they developed their tiny family.

“Then very quickly started having kids, and the love that ns feel because that the human that enabled me to have actually that dream in having those children and the love the you have for her children, it opens up you up in a method that renders you much more vulnerable than you can ever perhaps imagine,” she continued at the time.

Inside Jennifer Love Hewitt and also Brian Hallisay"s Romantic Love Story

Since she’s now able to tap into these newfound emotions, Jen defined how motherhood has actually been a vast bonus for she career. “In acting now, it’s to be a really amazing gift since your job as an gibbs is to crack yourself open up as much as feasible and provide that come people,” she stated.

“I think prior to whereas I had to imagine what the was like, now I actually feel the on a daily basis in an excellent ways and also in negative ways, depending upon the day and the moment with kids and husband,” Jen sweetly walk on. “It’s been a beautiful gift together an actor. The a much much more accessible thing for me currently in a means that i didn’t recognize was possible.”

Scroll with the gallery listed below to discover all about Jennifer’s children!

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Autumn James Hallisay

Considering Jennifer and Brian store photos that their kids off social media, over there isn’t much we obtain to view of their small girl, Autumn. However, the Client List actress opens up around her eldest child every now and also then. In respectable 2018, she provided some understanding on a continuous day on collection with her adorable daughter. At the time, the brunette beauty beauty revealed why she mini-me is so i heard with acquiring to watch she mama difficult at work.

“My daughter thinks that work-related is the coolest point she’s ever before seen,” she shared with Us Weekly. “She loves the craft company truck. My son acquired to run roughly the lot, like, go into ‘New York,’ go up and down the stairs and also take a picture in prior of the police station, which he believed was at sight cool.”

Although Autumn and Atticus think their mom’s project is “great,” Jen joked around separating it s her on collection so she can focus on she role. “It’s just me who a sap in mine trailer, like, ‘Why can’t I check out my babies?’” she gushed.

Jennifer also dished how proud fall is of her Hollywood work. While formerly chatting with People in 2018, the Party of Five star obtained candid around the time she youngster commended she film project.

“Somebody at my daughter’s school claimed she watched Garfield and also Garfield 2,” she said. “ watched the totality movie, said nothing and also at the an extremely end she to be like, ‘You were really good, Mommy."” Aww!


Atticus James Hallisay

Like your eldest daughter, Jennifer and Brian nothing share much around their tot, Atticus. Luckily because that fans, the at sight cute youngster to be spotted the end on a rarely outing v his well known mama in Los Angeles. The mother-son duo stepped the end for a expedition to the local grocery keep in December 2019.

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Although she won’t share actual picture of she children, Jen did offer a glimpse into her life together their mom on she 40th birthday. At the time, she uploaded a snap the Atticus and Autumn’s hands inserted over hers.

“This is my happy place,” she captioned the photo in February 2018. “These little hands recall me to slow down, take it a deep breath and remember what is truly important and also that is producing joy, safety and deep love for my little humans every day.”