In situation you missed the (where you been, friend?), Jennifer Lopez recently dropped her new skincare line JLo Beauty.

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 And what a ride it has actually been.

While cultivating her brand-new range, the 51-year-old has experienced much more than a small bit of backlash. Like, civilization are calling her out, large TIME.

Most recently, while promoting her new skincare mask on her Instagram page:

After acquisition the mask off her face, she said, "Honestly, ns cannot even see a line on mine face. Ns feel favor it take it ten years off my face."

If girlfriend haven't currently perused the gendergeek.orgment section, world are suggested that there can be something... Much more to J.Lo's glowing, taut skin.

One follower wrote, "Wow!! carry out you have to use Botox & fillers prior to or after the mask. Questioning for a friend."

How ~awkward~.

Another wrote, "Of food she walk Botox, her forehead hasn't relocated in years. Frozen. She has actually lied about this. Think we're idiots. Lost credibility."

And then there to be this: "Your forehead is behind her ears... That's a facelift... No a cream."


The Two an essential Ingredients gendergeek.orge Fade Pigmentation

You Beauty
Watch: speaking of women and also the reality of cosmetics surgery, here's Julia Morris on Botox and also breast cancer. Article continues below.

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Clearly no a pan of the ide that she'd had work done, J-Lo clapped earlier and responded to one of the gendergeek.orgments:




"For the 500 millionth time, I have never excellent Botox or any type of injectables, or surgery!" she wrote.

"Try spending your time being an ext positive, kind, and uplifting of others — don't spend your time trying to carry others down, that will store you youthful and beautiful too!"

Um... Positive power gives you far better skin?? Damn.

As you have the right to probably imagine, those that either get Botox, or provide it, have responded.

One such person was Sydney cosmetics doctor and founder that The Manse clinic, Dr Naomi McCullum. 

The cosmetics doctor gendergeek.orgmon the gendergeek.orgment and also J-Lo's solution to she 283k followers, captioning the short article "JLo copy down."

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A write-up shared through Dr Naomi 💉🎓COSMETIC medical professional 💉 (


What walk Dr Naomi typical by "doubling down"? Well, this isn't the first time J-Lo has denied having work done.

In an additional bare-faced Instagram video clip she posted in the direction of the end of last year, the singer is shown trial and error products, explaining she love the olive oil, and also choosing to use herbal ingredients over synthetic ones and all the jazz.

Similar gendergeek.orge the one above, it's all really glowy and inspiring:

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A short article shared by Jennifer Lopez (

Cue: part more an excellent ol' fashioned backlash.

A heap of pendant gendergeek.orgmented ~ above the post, accusing Lopez of leave out vital part of she skincare regimen in the clip: Botox and fillers.


But, wait. It gets worse.

In an interview with Glamour critical month, J-Lo said, "I haven't ever had Botox to this day... I'm no that person. I don't have anything against people doing that; it's simply not my thing. I'm more about a natural approach to skincare… but I want gendergeek.orge work," she said.

"I want the hyaluronic mountain in there. I want the points that space going gendergeek.orge help, due to the fact that I don’t want to need to go to the needles at part point. I’m not saying sooner or later I won’t, but I haven't yet."

Listen: Wanna learn much more about Botox? us gotcha. Check out this illustration of girlfriend Beauty, whereby we talk every little thing you should know about Botox. Short article continues below.

Just in situation you let go it: "I'm no that person."

 Look, it's no the best choice of words. 

Instead the invasive procedures, Lopez credits her flawless gendergeek.orgplexion gendergeek.orge olive oil saying, "It’s a an enig I’ve used over the years since it yes, really does work", - and diligent SPF application.

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While we're no in the place to say even if it is or no her insurance claim is true, one thing is for certain: she gendergeek.orgments came across as a wee little bit judgy.