Aside from her job as a passionate TV host, journalist and children’s book author, Jenna Bush Hager is most importantly the loving mom of her three kids: Margaret, Poppy and Hal. The Today star shares her beautiful family with her longtime husband, Henry Hager.

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Jenna tied the knot with her businessman beau in 2008. The former first daughter became a proud mom when she welcomed their eldest daughter, Margaret — who goes by “Mila” — in 2013. The Hagers weren’t a family of three for long, though, as the couple expanded their brood when Poppy arrived in 2015.


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Nearly four years later in April 2019, Jenna surprised the world when she announced they were expecting baby No. 3. The Sister First author revealed the sweet way Mila and Poppy reacted when she told them she was “very pregnant” with their baby brother.

“I’m only telling because Mila and Poppy found out yesterday in their Easter baskets,” Jenna gushed at the time during an episode of Today. “They told the man behind me on the airplane, they told the people at church.”


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The Texas native said although it was a “shock” to find out she was pregnant, she and Henry couldn’t have been happier. “We’re thrilled … it’s a lot, but we’re grateful,” she marveled. “ are so happy, I mean to the point where they’re telling strangers.”

Just months later in August 2019, Jenna announced they were officially a family of five after Hal made his highly anticipated arrival. The daughter of former president George W. Bush posted the sweetest photos of her family while celebrating Hal’s birth.


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“I have a new baby boy,” Jenna wrote via Instagram alongside photos of their completed clan. “His name is Henry Harold, named after Harold, my grandpa, and Henry, of course. We weren’t exactly sure about the name, but then his big sisters arrived and they called him ‘Hal pal,’ and we thought, ‘This is just perfect."”

Since Hal came into the world, Jenna has certainly had her hands full raising her tiny tots. While she previously joked she was “hanging on by a thread,” the Today with Hoda & Jenna star insisted she was “enjoying” her life as a mom of three “so much.”

making sure that each child has the love that I know I feel for them,” she added. “It’s fun. I’m really happy.”

Scroll through the gallery below to meet Jenna and Henry’s three kids!

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Margaret “Mila” Hager

Jenna experienced motherhood for the first time when she gave birth to her eldest daughter, Mila, on April 13, 2013. The kiddo’s sweet name, Margaret, was inspired by both of her grandmas, Laura Bush and Margaret Hager.

When it comes to her personality, Jenna said she takes after her grandmothers’ “love of life, love of books and love of laughter.” The Everything Beautiful in Its Time author also credited her little girl for having “empathy and kindness,” as she wrote on Instagram in April 2020.

It’s not uncommon for fans to catch a glimpse of Jenna’s beautiful girl, as the TV personality is always posting super cute photos of Mila on social media. In May 2020, the adorable kiddo made a surprise appearance on Today when she crashed her mom’s work from home setup amid the coronavirus pandemic. “This is Mila,” Jenna said when her youngster popped onto the screen. “This is what happens when you’re working from home.”

There’s no doubt the Our Great Big Backyard author shares an unbreakable bond with her first child. For Mila’s latest birthday in 2021, Jenna uploaded a touching tribute for her “dearest” daughter.

“You came into the world fast and spirited — making me a mom — changing me forever,” she gushed. “Your creativity, leadership, empathy and heart INSPIRE. On the night you were born, the moon smiled with such wonder that the stars peeked in to see you and the night wind whispered. Life will never be the same.”


Poppy Louise Hager

Jenna and Henry’s second little one came along when daughter Poppy was born on August 13, 2015. Like Mila, the longtime lovebirds couldn’t be prouder of their youngest daughter.

“You light up our lives. Like your namesake, your kindness amazes and you make us laugh like no one else,” the TV personality wrote alongside a photo collage in August 2020. “How wonderful life is since you’re in our world!”

Jenna’s two daughters are close in age and very similar, but she said she makes sure to never compare them. While chatting with Southern Living in May 2019, the blonde beauty dished the best parenting advice she received from her mom, Laura.

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“My mother never once compared my sister, Barbara >, and me, and I try hard not to compare my girls,” she explained. “If they are sad, scared or confused, we let them feel those feelings and encourage them to talk about them with us.”

Henry Harold Hager

The pair’s youngest son, Hal, was born on August 2, 2019. Following the tot’s birth, Jenna gushed she was “overcome with joy” and revealed the sweet meaning behind his cute moniker.

“He is named Henry after many on his father’s side, including his dear dad and his paternal grandfather,” she explained to People. “Harold comes from my maternal grandfather, Pa, who I loved dearly and was unable to keep a son long enough to name.”

Having a new baby around can be challenging, but Jenna embraced being a mom to her only son. “I’m enjoying him so much,” she adorably continued. “I enjoyed all my kids, to be honest, but he is the special little boy and feels slightly different. He feels like this little love, so I’m just adoring him constantly.”

At the time they celebrated Hal’s first birthday in August 2020, Jenna couldn’t believe how much her little man grew up. “Happiest birthday to the baby of our dreams, Hal Pal,” she wrote next to photos of his birthday celebrations. “Life sure is wild and wonderful with you in it. Glad we could celebrate early with the ones who love you most.”

Considering Jenna is so in love with her baby boy, she can’t help but fill her Instagram page with the cutest pics of Hal. In April 2021, she posted a snap of the youngster sporting sunglasses and a big smile, writing, “I title this one: can you see the proud mama in my love’s glasses?? CHEEESSEEE.”