A newly uncovered picture of Jeffrey Epstein has started to make the rounds and also causing people to inquiry whether they understand the whole truth around him. That course, when it comes to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, we really don’t know the whole truth. His death, which occurred while the was dealing with trial for his crimes, made sure of that. However, there room some concerns that we can definitively answer. Like: was Jeffrey Epstein a marine SEAL? That’s simple one.

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You may have actually recently come throughout a photograph of the disgraced hedge money manager Jeffrey Epstein put on a marine SEAL uniform. In the photo, Epstein is attract the location of a marine commander in a dress white uniform — a uniform that is booked for formal occasions. Likewise — and this have to go without speak — it's a uniform that is reserved for really members the the Navy. The uniform likewise featured the navy SEAL Trident, one insignia scheduled for — girlfriend guessed that — actual navy SEALs.

Why can't i find any information on why Jeffrey Epstein is dressed choose a navy Seal in this picture of him at Windsor Castle? nobody of the articles mention his dress uniform here. Pic.twitter.com/ybZmWsF14l

— Austin open up The economic situation Petersen (

Throughout his 66 year of life, Epstein was countless things — a teacher (until he was fired), a financier, a proponent that eugenics, someone that trafficked and sexually abused underage girl — however he was absolutely not a marine SEAL. 

In actuality, the picture in inquiry was taken in ~ a costume ball held in Windsor castle for Princess Beatrice that York’s 18th birthday party. The party took location in 2006. Interestingly enough, just one month prior to the party, the FBI had actually launched an investigation into the allegations of child prostitution bordering Epstein. The Sun reports the Epstein to be arrested a only eight job after the photo was taken. (He reached a “sweetheart” plea transaction over this allegations.)

Knowing that the party to be a costume ball could make Epstein’s outfit it seems to be ~ slightly an ext reasonable, but according to a contemporaneous post from the BBC, “the layout of the evening to be 1888 through guests attract a variety of period costumes.”

You can not recognize this (and it shows up as though Epstein absolutely did not), but the U.S. Marine SEALs were not formally founded until the year 1962. They execute trace your roots to human being War II, but even the many generous interpretation of geologic time doesn’t allow for a marine SEAL uniform to be a logical point to wear come an 1888-themed party.

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You’ve more than likely noticed the other human being in the photo, too. Yes, the is disgraced movie producer and fellow convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein on the left. On the right is Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell. Talk about photos that don’t period well! 

To amount up, no, Jeffrey Epstein was no a navy SEAL. We have actually no idea why he made decision to wear a marine SEAL uniform come a date of birth party ago in 2006 (especially when it didn’t also fit the theme). Obviously, we don’t need any extra reasons to dislike a judge sex trafficker, however to uncover out he was just plain tacky, too? Yikes.

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