Former Bravolebrities Jeff Lewis and also Gage Edward announced your separation in January 2019 after 10 years together, during which time they invited a daughter, Monroe, via surrogate. Back Jeff express hope the the two would reunite, especially due to the fact that Gage still worked with the Jeff Lewis style team because that a if post-split, it at some point wasn"t expected to be. "I don"t desire to be her friend," the Flipping Out alum recalled during a February 2019 episode of Jeff Lewis Live around telling Gage the needed space (via The day-to-day Dish). "I don"t want to hang out v you. I don"t desire to pretend like we"re part happy household anymore and go come breakfast or frozen yogurt together. I desire to invest time v Monroe independent of you."

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Jeff and Gage have due to the fact that dated other people, and they appeared to successfully co-parent Monroe, that was born in 2016. Yet just once you thought these two had uncovered a groove, points went downhill fast. We won"t divulge all the drama simply yet, but let"s simply say it involves a custody dispute, lot of lawsuits, and also public fights.

So placed on your tough hat, folks, due to the fact that the fact of this breakup is dicier than an energetic construction zone. 


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In march 2020, Gage Edward sue Jeff Lewis because that $125,000, claiming his ex didn"t pay earlier a personal loan. Gage alleged he offered a auto he owned debt-free earlier to the dealership so he could assist finance Jeff"s "real heritage projects and his business" in 2016, every documents obtained by The Blast. The genuine estate mogul, that agreed come pay interest on the loan, went back $50,000 ($25,000 was interest) of the accumulation to Gage, although that requested an additional $50,000 loan in 2018. Gage offered Jeff the money, and also in December 2019, $25,000 had been paid back.

Although Jeff agreed to a payment plan, Gage alleged that missed the reserved payments.

"I had actually four significant multimillion-dollar residences under construction," Jeff said about the loan during an episode of his radio show. "I was strapped for cash, and also he lent me money. For this reason this was all claimed to be tackled in the worldwide settlement." the added, "For part reason, Gage has made decision to rental a 3rd attorney and also reach out. I obtained a letter critical week the they to be going to potentially paper a lawsuit in attempts to recover alleged loan."

Jeff claimed he hasn"t paid ago the loan due to the fact that "it is no the very same amount" Gage claims. He also alleges the interior designer ex fan him a "significant quantity of money."