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They moved quickly. Chelsea Lauren / Contributor/Getty photos

Fans learned top top the show that the two met in ras Vegas and Jax reportedly told Brittany the an initial night that she should move from Kentucky to Los Angeles to be v him, and also she did.

Jax initially tried to gain Brittany a task at SUR, yet boss Lisa Vanderpump wouldn"t budge and also Brittany finished up working at Hooters because that a bit. The beginning of their relationship was documented on season 4 of the truth show.

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He also gushed about their relationship. Tibrina Hobson/Getty images

Jax and also Brittany currently lived with each other so they took their partnership one step additional by adopting a dog — a Yorkie named Kingsley. That same month, Jax told Bravo"s The everyday Dish that Brittany is "probably the best girlfriend I ever dated in mine life."

"She is just such a put-together, hard girl," Jax added. "She"s beautiful, amazing. She takes great care the me. She"s just obtained all the southerly charm. She upbringing is amazing. She"s simply got good family values."

May 31, 2016: Britney began working at SUR.


She appeared much more on the show. Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty photos

Brittany lastly got a job as a server at SUR — the official restaurant the "Vanderpump Rules" — just in time for season 5 of the reality series to start filming.

Cartwright started appearing an ext and an ext on the show, with noteworthy storylines consisting of that reality that Taylor paid for her breast implants and seemed to talk her into acquiring bigger ones.

November 7, 2016: Brittany made she “Vanderpump Rules” debut together an official cast member.


She to be featured in the opened credits. Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage

"Vanderpump Rules" season six debuted in November 2016, which significant Brittany"s debut together an official cast member.

May 2017: It to be revealed the Jax cheated top top Brittany.

Viewers would see it play the end later. Paul Archuleta/Getty photos

At Scheana"s date of birth party, other SUR employee confidence Stowers revealed that she hooked up through Jax if he to be still dating Brittany. Although belief revealed the cheating scandal in may 2017, the general public didn"t learn about it until the reality present aired in December 2017.

It wasn"t till the present aired the fans learned the Jax admitted to the affair, Brittany easily forgave him, yet ultimately Jax surprised everyone and dumped Brittany, claiming the he required to it is in alone.

"It has nothing to do with you, and also I need to make part changes. You deserve to be happy, you worthy to gain married, you worthy to have actually kids, you worthy to have actually someone treat you like the princess that you are, and also I simply am no that person," Jax called Brittany in one April 2018 episode.

August 23, 2017: “Jax and Brittany take it Kentucky” premiered.

It was filmed earlier. Tommy Garcia/Bravo/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty images

Jax and Brittany came to be the first Vanderpump couple to get their very own spin-off series. "Jax and Brittany take it Kentucky" premiered end the summer that 2017 for a quick six-episode run. Despite they appeared blissfully in love throughout "Vanderpump Rules," the couple"s issues came to a head ~ above the spin-off series, especially due to the fact that they were living with Brittany"s family in Kentucky at the time.

Though the show aired end the summer the 2017, it likely filmed previously in the year, presumably before Jax"s cheating scandal.

December 2017: The cheating illustration aired.

the kicked off the season. Isabella Vosmikova/Bravo/NBCU Photo bank via Getty images

Season 6 of the reality display opened v the news of the might cheating scandal. However, by this point, Jax and Brittany had currently worked with their issues. Castle told "Entertainment Tonight" that they got ago together in June 2017, approximately a month after Jax admitted to cheating.

"It"s hard," Brittany called ET. "Very, very, an extremely hard … us took part time make the efforts to work-related on things, however we"re back together … six months and also tho working."

Jax echoed that sentiment and told world that the cheating scandal reinvigorated their relationship.

"We"re quiet going v it," that told the mag. "We"re in a great place now — probably better than we"ve ever before been. I have the right to say the last eight months have been better than as soon as we an initial started dating."

He likewise cited the fatality of his father together a wake-up speak to for his relationship and said the Cartwright being there for him do him want to be there for her too.

"I hate to usage my father together an forgive to choose myself up, i don"t think ns would have actually done it unless something happened, other traumatic essential to happen in my life, and also it just so happens it was my father," that told united state Weekly.

Viewers never ever heard it. Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty photos

Though the couple initially placed the cheating scandal behind them, during a January 2018 episode, cast member Ariana Maddix play audio because that Cartwright which was allegedly the Taylor trashing Cartwright to faith Stowers.

Cartwright climate played the audio big to an entire party that people, however Bravo opted no to beat it during the episode. As E! noted, the actors described the tape as Taylor saying he "was no much longer sexually attractive to , he"d never ever propose, and also he"d never have actually kids."

After the illustration aired, Cartwright go on "Watch What wake up Live!" and also reiterated the she and also Taylor were now in a good place.

It was later shown on the show. Jesse Grant/Bravo/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty pictures

After functioning on their relationship, Jax gained down on one knee in ~ Malibu restaurant Neptune"s Net and she claimed yes!

"We space ENGAGED!" Brittany shared on Instagram. "What a method to begin our summer and season 7!! ns am therefore happy, so in love, and also so beyond excited for this following chapter of our lives!"

The engagement to be filmed because that the saturday season of the show, which was broadcast later that year. Together for why he chose the beachside restaurant to pop the question, Jax told united state Weekly: "The ar is just a place that we checked out a couple of times and also we really prefer it. It"s a location that mine father, when he checked out here, that really, really love ... You deserve to see the sun setting, the dolphins room out and also surfers, therefore it"s sort of simply fun to have some crabs and also dinner there, therefore I assumed I would execute it there just since it expected so much to me and my father and also us. It had a lot of of definition all around."

Jax also told us Weekly that meeting Brittany adjusted his mind about marriage.

"Before ns met Brittany ns was versus marriage," he told united state Weekly. "It had actually nothing to carry out with Brittany, it"s the idea of marital relationship I simply don"t think in it. I just want to make certain that it"s legit, the it"s real. It"s a commitment; it"s a large commitment."

the was all filmed. Nicole Weingart/Bravo/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty images

To celebrate your upcoming wedding, the couple threw a lavish engagement party in ~ the Inn of the Seventh ray just external of Los Angeles. Both Brittany and Jax"s out-of-town family members flew in for the occasion and also the whole thing was filmed because that "Vanderpump Rules."

"So happy to have actually all our family and also friends in town for our engagement party tonight!! going to be an remarkable evening that we will never ever forget!" Jax tweeted before the event.

They moved near their friends. Amanda Edwards/Getty pictures

Though Jax teased a glimpse the their brand-new home in April 2019, Brittany formally announced top top Instagram in may that they were finally moving right into their brand-new place.

"We are growing up, moving forward, & working for our forever happiness," Brittany wrote.

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The couple dropped $2 million on their brand-new home in the valley area the Los Angeles, close to where Katie Maloney and also Tom Schwartz and also Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval purchased your own brand-new homes.