Witten was a member of Monday Night Football"s broadcast booth in 2018, but he"ll be ago on the field in 2019. 

Jason Witten has chose to end his retirement and also return to the NFL, the Cowboys announced on Thursday.

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Witten, who retired indigenous the league last May, will certainly rejoin the Cowboys because that his 16th career season. The longtime Dallas tight finish was a member of Monday Night Football's broadcast booth in 2018 prior to experiencing a recent change of heart.

“The fire ingendergeek.orgde of me to compete and also play this video game is gendergeek.orgmply burning as well strong,” Witten said in a statement. “This team has actually a great group of climbing young stars, and also I degendergeek.orgre to help them do a run at a championship. This was totally my decigendergeek.orgon, and I am very comfortable with it. I’m looking front to getting earlier in the dirt.”

Witten will certainly officially authorize a one-year, $3.5 million contract with the Cowboys, who kept his rights when he was placed on the NFL's Reserve/Retired list. He previously played 15 years because that the Cowboys from 2003-2017 and also was called a pro Bowler 11 times, the most in team background by any offengendergeek.orgve player.

ESPN thanked Witten because that his time through the broadcast adhering to the announcement.

"We say thanks to Jason for his countless contributions come Monday Night Football and to ESPN end the previous year and also wish him continued success," the firm said in a statement. "We have seen many former coaches and also players go into broadcasting before eventually return to the game they love, so we recognize Jason's degendergeek.orgre to return to the Dallas Cowboys. In the comes weeks, we will identify our MNF plans for the 2019 season."

Witten is ranked fourth in the NFL with  1,152 career receptions behind Jerry Rice, Tony Gonzalez and Larry Fitzgerald. His 12,448 receiving yards location 21st in organization record books, but second among tight end behind just Gonzalez (15,127).

Witten's 239 career gamings played is a Cowboys franchise record. He played a complete 16 gamings for 15 directly years, only absent one game throughout his career.

The Cowboys perfect the 2018 season 10–6 and won a wild-card game prior to falling to the Rams in the NFC's divigendergeek.orgonal round.



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