Kennedy ~ above the beach (Image: GETTY)
John F. Kennedy was the youngest person elected president the the joined States. The was just 43 year old when he take it office in 1961. Throughout his presidency, he lugged glamour, energy, and fresh thinking into the White House.

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Kennedy developed the peace Corps and prevented world War III throughout the Cuban missile crisis. He motivated young people to go into public service. He motivated millions through his well known sentence:

Ask not what your country can execute for you; questioning what you deserve to do for her country.

Kennedy constructed a public photo of himself together a family members man, posing through his beautiful and stylish mam Jackie Kennedy and with his daughter and son while playing in the Oval office.

Kennedy behaving badly

In reality, Kennedy was a womanizer. The was affiliated with numerous women, varying from movie stars choose Marylin Monroe come White residence interns and women, connected with Mafia.

Compared to john F. Kennedy, bill Clinton was an altar boy.

Although he was married to brunette, famous and glamorous Jackie Kennedy, he preferred blondes. He would certainly say: ‘I acquired into the blondes’.

Jackie Kennedy knew around the love affairs of her husband. She embraced them because she knew Kennedy would constantly come earlier to her. It to be common among men the the upstream to have actually extramarital affairs. Also, Jackie’s father, man Bouvier, to be a well-known womanizer.

Kennedy employed Dave Powers, A unique assistant, known likewise as a first friend who had actually the job of finding beautiful females willing to sleep v the President.

He likewise used secret Service to assist him smuggle females in and also out the White house. President's unrestrained sex-related appetite led to morale problems amongst his secret Service agents. One of the agents told:

Everybody thought you to be risking your life, and also you were in reality out over there to watch that he’s no disturbed when he’s having an interlude in the shower v two gals native Twelfth Avenue

An affair v White-house intern


Mimi Alford to be White house intern and Kennedy’s lover (Image:

Mimi Alford(born Beardsley) was just 19 years old as soon as she began to work as a White home intern. Only 4 days into the job, JFK seduced her and took she virginity- in the bedroom that his wife Jackie Kennedy.

They ongoing to have actually an affair because that the following 18 months.

Mimi kept affair secret for fourty years and also revealed she side the a story just after someone leaked affair come the public. In her publication Once ~ above a Secret, she explained details of an affair, including offering sexual favors come Kennedy’s friends. Together she to write JFK dared she to provide oral sex come his friend and assistant Dave Powers.

An Affair v a secretary…wait…two secretaries


“Fiddle” and “Faddle”, JFK’s one-of-a-kind secretaries (Image:

As a guy of great sexual appetite Kennedy employed 2 secretaries, who despite their main titles, had one function only — to satisfied JFK.

Priscilla undertake (a.k.a “Fiddle”) and also Jill Cowen (a.k.a “Faddle”) were hired come skinny dip v President and accompany him on service trips abroad. An enig service created nicknames for them come hide the affair native Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie suspected about the functions Fiddle and also Faddle played in the White house. At one allude Jackie was offering a tour roughly White house to a French journalist and also when Priscilla happen them, she remarked:

This is the girl who supposedly is resting with my husband

An affair v sex symbol

Marylin’s Monroe the most well known photo (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Marylin Monroe. Affair v Marylin is the ingredient of urban legends and also conspiracy theories. Marylin’s “Happy birthday, Mr. President” song cemented her ar in famous culture. Conspirators speak Monroe to be involved additionally with President’s brothers Bobby Kennedy and also that she wanted to change Jackie as a an initial lady.

She passed away due to supposed overdose of barbiturates at the age of 36. Her fatality was ruled a suicide, but conspiracy theories claim the opposite, explain Keneddy brothers were involved.

An Affair through Soviet spy
Marlene Dietrich (Image:

Marlene Dietrich was a famed Hollywood actress and also a fashion icon and was one of the highest-paid actresses of her era. She had a long affair v JFK's father Joe Kennedy. Kennedy’s were notorious womanizers, v Joe Kennedy showing their sons how to execute it.

However, Marlene Dietrich was not a woman who would be ruled by men. She decided how she life would certainly be lived. Instead of gift conquered, she was the one seducing males of power.

She later on told sex v Kennedy to be so quick, she could barely remember any kind of details. True to herself, she claimed to JFK throughout the sex:

Don’t muss mine hair. I’m performing.

How did Kennedy control to endure (at least politically)?

A list of Kennedy’s mistresses is endless. With several of those women, JFK actually had actually sex, while rather were just rumored to be affiliated with Kennedy.

Amazing reality is Kennedy regulated to politically endure despite all of his affairs. Today President of the united States deserve to start a war or order bombing of a country on the various other side that the globe and his actions will be accepted, however, if that is recorded in one affair, that could challenge impeachment.

As one of the Kennedy mistresses Judith Exner placed it:

Jack was reckless, so reckless.

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However, the 50s and 60s were different times. Prior to then journalists respect the personal lives of politicians. Also though Kennedy’s affairs were well known to his inner circle and also to reporters, journalists didn’t consider them newsworthy. The public didn’t learn about the juicy private lives of your presidents till they one of two people left office or were already dead.

As reported Marvin Kalb said after he saw an unknown beautiful mrs entering Kennedy’s hotel room:

Never for one moment did i even take into consideration pursuing and also reporting what I had actually seen and experienced that evening