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Nearly 2 years ago, the Australian gibbs announced his decision to leaving the long-running Hallmark drama to pursue other passion projects. Having had time come reflect, Lissing opened up come ET around life after ~ the collection and the heartwarming factor he isn’t feather back.

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“It"s funny the method the world works. If I had actually stayed top top the show, and been there during season 6 and shot and also all that kind of stuff, then i wouldn"t have met Nadia, girlfriend know? and I wouldn"t be getting married and also I wouldn"t be in ~ this ar in my life where I feel really in line with what I"m meant to be doing personally and also professionally, therefore no regrets at all,” Lissing explained. “How can I look in ~ my future wife and say, "Oh, ns should"ve continued to be on this job?" She"s mine life, friend know? That"s my personal life and that"s exponentially much more important to me 보다 a job.”

Still, Lissing admits there are things he absolutely misses around being top top the series: chief among them, his distinct bond with the cast and also crew.

'When calls the Heart': Daniel Lissing expose What that Misses Most around Being on the display (Exclusive)

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'When call the Heart': Daniel Lissing reveals What he Misses Most around Being top top the display (Exclusive)

“Sometimes, ns really miss out on living in Vancouver, getting picked up by mine driver, Uncle Gary,” that said, affectionately. “It is a family, and also that facet of points I really miss. I love all the cast and also the people at Hallmark. Mine time v Hallmark to be nothing however positive and I’m truly grateful to it is in a part of it.”

And that course, fans wondering if Lissing is still in touch through his former onscreen wife, Erin Krakow, have the right to rest assured. Lissing said ET lock chat frequently -- and he’s even got a job in mind for them to team up when again!

“About two or three years ago, I sent out a big proposal come Hallmark pitching a Christmas movie v Erin and also I in modern day, and also they didn"t think it to be the best time. Probably it is now?” Lissing shared. Nevertheless of just how they’d possibly collaborate (music, movie or TV), Lissing made it clear the he’d love to job-related with Krakow once again. “I’d be completely open to it, hope Erin would be too,” the gushed.

With the season 7 premiere of WCTH simply days away, Lissing shown he will be tuning in and also loves the direction the series is walk in.

“It"s great, they’re keeping it positive. After ~ Jack"s death, it was a yes, really dramatic season. It to be a many drama over there which ns think make for an excellent television,” he said. “Erin was masterful in those illustration there, really, really, really great. Ns think they"ve brought in 2 love interests because that Erin"s character and also they’re law great.”

'When calls the Heart' Season 7: Nathan and also Lucas' Love Triangle stress Builds with Elizabeth

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'When phone call the Heart' Season 7: Nathan and Lucas' Love Triangle tension Builds through Elizabeth

While Lissing can’t aid but fondly reflect top top his onscreen dynamic the contrary Krakow, he’s now encouraging hearties to embrace the new love triangle storyline wherein viewers check out Elizabeth torn in between suitors Nathan and also Lucas. Even more so, Lissing claims his former character, Jack, would wholeheartedly assistance Elizabeth finding a brand-new romantic companion.

“When passed and also Elizabeth review his letter, that urged her to discover love again. Discover love again, because that"s every it is. In ~ the end of the day, if he’s not going to it is in there, there’s no suggest in her dwelling on that, she demands to move on.” soon after, Lissing poignantly added, “You don"t require a male to do you happy, let’s simply be clear about that. Every right? Gotta it is in happy first. Elizabeth is , and the man-thing is just a cherry on top.”

And great news, hearties: Lissing called ET that he’d love to do a go back to the display for a cameo or recall appearance, have to the opportunity current itself.

“That would be so lot fun. That course. Just to go up there and see anyone again. I can see my old horse, Taylor,” Lissing said, laughing. “Look, if Hallmark referred to as me because that anything, I"d be there. They to be there because that me for five years for this reason of course, i love those guys, therefore anytime.”

Outside of the Hallmark universe, Lissing is busy working on ABC’s cop drama, The Rookie, where he theatre Sterling Freeman: a 20-something actor that portrays a cop ~ above television. “It"s therefore exciting,” Lissing gushed that his recent role. “It’s a an extremely different function from Jack Thornton on When phone call the Heart… it type of expands my exhilaration chops, so to speak.”

an actor and, friend know, I sort of like teasing actors a little bit,” Lissing playfully dished.

Aside native his job-related on The Rookie, Lissing is likewise hard at work on one untitled screenplay he’s emerging with his writing and producing partner, Michael Goode. That told ET it’s a politics comedy the was partially motivated by his real-life decision come achieve twin citizenship v Australia and also America in the comes weeks.

“I love Australia, and also I love America. is my house now… I contribute to mine community, I"m involved with some charities, ns pay mine taxes, I likewise want a voice in the community as one American. It"s one thing, specifically if we"re walking to be making a show about politics, because those room things friend shouldn"t talk about, religion and also politics. However I say, ‘Forget that!’ Lissing exclaimed. “Mike and also I wanted to to speak something that, if poking fun at it, the if we might just take it a look at the serious worries out there however take a step back and have it together a little an innovative outlet and also laugh at ourselves, let’s laugh in ~ ourselves,” he explained.

But there’s more -- Lissing is likewise an investor in a fast-food vegan restaurant, burger Patch, and also he’s likewise knee-deep in planning a wedding with his fiancee, Nadia.

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“We"re simply loving life together. We"re wedding planning now, together well, which I assumed was gonna be a nightmare by the way, however I love wedding planning!” he exclaimed. Lissing says he’s super involved in planning his nuptials and also feels fueled by the “creative process” of the all. Yet make no mistake, Lissing is leaving every executive decision to his bride.

“Look, Nadia is the boss. Ns just existing her through the options, or she will present me through the options, and also we’ll discuss, yet final say is Nadia, it"s her one-of-a-kind day. She"s the princess for her wedding, the course.”


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