First Daughter Ivanka trump card has been in the spotlight because her father, Donald Trump, came to be President that the US. And now, after seeing her at multiple windy appearances, fans room curious: has actually she had plastic surgery?

For years, rumors have constantly swirled the Donald’s eldest has gone under the knife because that a nose job and breast augmentation. So, we’ve rounded up photos of Ivanka, 36, throughout her life come see just how much she look has adjusted since the so late 1980s.

celebrating a historic win because that American working households following the passage of scan #TaxCuts. P.S. Ok never gain used come this beautiful background.

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Ivanka has never talked out around whether or not she’s actually gotten plastic surgical treatment done. Yet regardless if she’s ever gone under the knife or not, she’s still such a beauty! On optimal of it, females are reportedly spending thousands top top plastic surgery simply to look choose the stunning blonde.

“I never saw before the primary,” brand-new York plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe shared with Page Six. “Since the summer the ’16… maybe four a month; one a week.” that adds that “Ivanka” is characterized by “widened cheekbones, a slender nose, and huge eyes.”

Women are getting moth temporary and permanent procedures, Rowe adds. “Maybe they just like the look, but additionally that a powerful woman, self-confident, component of the first family,” he added. “Do they desire to be her? Yes, deep down, maybe.”

Click v the gallery below to view Ivanka’s change over time!





Ivanka"s parents break-up in 1991 once she was just nine-years-old. They previously tied the node in 1977.



Ivanka"s parents, Donald and Ivana, also have two sons, Donald trump Jr. And Eric Trump, together.



Her father, Donald, had one more daughter, Tiffany Trump, through his second wife, Marla Maples, in October 1993.


In in march 2006, Ivanka got an additional brother when her dad and also his third wife, Melania Trump, welcomed child Barron Trump.


During her childhood, Ivanka attended Manhattan"s Chapin School. At period 15, she relocated to Connecticut boarding college Choate Rosemary Hall.


After graduating native Choate, Ivanka to visit Georgetown university for 2 years then moved to the university of Pennsylvania.


She graduated cum laude from the university of Pennsylvania"s Wharton institution of organization in 2004.


She"s also walked in fashion shows for Versace, Marc Bouwer, and also Thierry Mugler and also has appeared in publish advertisements because that Tommy Hilfiger.


She many recently worked as executive, management Vice president of development & repurchase at the trump Organization.


Ivanka additionally has her very own line the fashion items including clothes, handbags, shoes, and accessories.


She"s likewise starred on her dad"s reality TV mirrors — The Apprentice and also The Celebrity Apprentice — and also has authored 2 books.


In early 2017, Ivanka, she husband, and their children moved from NYC to Washington DC to support her father, Donald, in his presidency.

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