On Sunday right into Monday morning, the northern mountains received a coating come 4 inches of snow. Top top Monday and Monday night, one additional few inches can fall in the north mountains. The following storm top top Tuesday into Wednesday will bring snow to many mountains through the finest chance because that 6+ inches near and north that I-70. After ~ that, we can see snow approximately November 10-11 and November 15-16.

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Short term Forecast

I expect you had actually a fun Halloween. There were several costumes on the slopes ~ above Sunday and in my community on Sunday night!

Weatherwise ~ above Sunday and Sunday night, pieces of storm energy pushed throughout the north mountains and there were snow showers above around 9,000 feet. These showers come in the form of narrow bands i beg your pardon hit some mountains and also did not hit others.

The radar top top Monday morning just before sunrise shows that this bands of eye are continuing over the northern mountains, through one band near the Wyoming border and another band close to I-70.


Snowfall from Sunday sunrise come Monday sunrise was usually a coating come 2 inches throughout the northern hills near and north of I-70. The many snow that I might find was on Eldora"s snow stake which showed 4 inches of heavy, wet snow accumulation (temperatures to be warm, in the short 30s).


Here"s the forecast failure for the week.

Monday & Monday Night

The narrow bands of snow will continue over the northern mountains near and north of I-70. Snow amounts could be one more coating to about 4 inches.

Tuesday, Tuesday Night, Wednesday

A brand-new storm will push throughout Colorado with snow beginning on Tuesday morning or midday, and also snow will continue through Wednesday morning or midday. Contrasted to the current system ~ above Monday, this storm on Tuesday and Wednesday will certainly be stronger and also track farther south, so all hills should check out snow and the snowfall can be steadier at times through respectable totals.

I think by Wednesday morning or midday, we"ll view 5-10 inch near and north of I-70, 2-6 inches across the central mountains, and also a coating come a couple of inches in the southerly mountains. This numbers are a little higher than what i talked around yesterday, and I am ok thinking about the potential because that the higher-end totals due to the fact that we"ll have a many moisture in the air. The only downside to this mechanism will be relatively warm temperature that will certainly be in the mid-to-upper 20s for most mountains, which means lower snow-to-liquid ratios and also thicker snowfall (but that"s OK because that base structure during the beforehand season).

The map below shows the snow projection from the europe model. Most other models depict comparable amounts that snow.


While the snow have to be top top the more thickness side, Wednesday morning has actually a shot at gift a powder morning, especially throughout the northern mountains. The course, it"s still an extremely early in the season, there will be just a couple of inbounds runs open at A-Basin, Keystone, and Loveland, and if you"re heading into the backcountry, mental to inspect the avalanche projection as over there have currently been a couple of people triggering and getting captured in slides.

Thursday and also Friday

We"ll change away native stormy weather and back to sunny and dry weather throughout most the Thursday and Friday. The just wrinkle will be ~ above Friday once the much northern mountains might see an ext clouds and maybe a flurry or a shower. Previously, us were looking in ~ a potential storm during Friday and also Saturday, but now every models are in agreement that almost every one of the storm"s power will stay just north of Colorado with areas near and north the I-70 possibly seeing just a small impact indigenous clouds and also a rapid shower top top Friday.

Extended Forecast

From Saturday, November 6 with Tuesday, November 9, we"ll enjoy sunny and also warm-ish weather.


Our next chance because that a storm will certainly be sometime between late Tuesday, November 9, and also Thursday, November 11. Every models display a storm moving through the Rockies during this time, and also let"s hope the the storm"s monitor is favorable for us right here in Colorado (it"s too soon to be confident in the system"s specific track).


And adhering to the potential storm roughly November 9-11, we might see an additional storm approximately November 15-16. That"s two weeks out, so usually in the fantasy land of weather models, however at the very least it"ll be something to keep an eye on.

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Upcoming Talks

Wednesday, November 3 in Denver

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Geography Key

Northern MountainsSteamboat, Bluebird Backcountry, Granby, Beaver Creek, Vail, Ski Cooper, Copper, Breckenridge, Keystone, Loveland, Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, Berthoud Pass, Eldora, Rocky hill National Park, Cameron Pass

Along the DivideLoveland, Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, Berthoud Pass

East the the DivideEldora, Echo, Rocky hill National Park, Cameron Pass

Central MountainsAspen, Sunlight, Monarch, Crested Butte, Irwin, Powderhorn

Southern MountainsTelluride, Silverton – north side of the southern hills | Purgatory, wolf Creek – south side that the southerly mountains