Area eye Totals: practically 18 Inches in ~ Midway because Sunday, 7.5 Inches in ~ O' has now had actually measurable snowfall for nine work in a row, tying a record collection in February 2018.

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LIVE UPDATES: heavy Lake-Effect eye Combines v Snowstorm System; Totals Reach up to 18 InchesTotals will differ widely, as part locations can see as tiny as 4 inches, when others just a mile or two away may have more than a foot. Weather: eye Totals from Weekend Winter StormThis weekend was slammed through the biggest snowstorm in more than 5 years, with virtually 11 inches in ~ O'Hare global Airport, the many for a solitary snowfall event due to the fact that November 2015. Weather: Area gets Socked With greatest Snowfall In YearsHeavy eye pounded the area for much of the weekend, in the biggest snowstorm the area has actually seen in at the very least three years.
* Weather: Snowfall Totals In The Area Saturday NightHere room snowfall totals reported to the nationwide Weather service as that 9 p.m.

RealTime Weather: Snowfall Totals because that ThursdayHere space the snowfall totals report to national Weather business for the area top top Thursday, February 13 Weather: irradiate Snow continues ThursdayLight snow proceeds to autumn Thursday in the area after a night of heavier snow. Weather: snow Totals because that The AreaWhile downtown obtained no accumulating show, the suburbs did have a bit of shoveling to compete with top top Saturday. Weather: Rain, Winter Weather Advisory front As eye Moves In come AreaRoads will certainly be slick for the Friday morning commute together rain continues to move through the area. Weather: eye Totals native This Weekend's Winter StormHere space the 24-hour full snowfall amounts reported through the nationwide Weather company as that Sunday morning: Weather: eye Totals For new Year's EveHere room the 24-hour full snowfall amounts reported through the nationwide Weather service as that Tuesday morning: Weather: eye Totals for November 11, 2019Here are some eye totals reported in the area and also Northwest Indiana. 
Snow Totals from Springtime Storm, April 27, 2019After Saturday's springtime snow storm, some areas got an ext than 5 customs inches the snow. Weather: snow On The Way, Winter Weather Advisory In EffectA winter storm warning is in impact on Saturday for northern areas as a mix the snow and rain continues into the evening.
Snow Totals because that Monday, Jan. 28, 2019These space the snow totals report to the national Weather company as the 8:45 a.m. Monday, from the snowstorm that began Sunday night.
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