Power outages and flooding were reported in the Virgin Islands and the Puerto Rican islands, however no damages


Hurricane Dorian resulted in only minimal damage in Puerto Rico late Wednesday. Photograph: Ramón Espinosa/AP
Hurricane Dorian brought about only minimal damage in Puerto Rico so late Wednesday. Photograph: Ramón Espinosa/AP

Hurricane Dorian caused limited damage in the north Caribbean as it left the an ar and gathered toughness late Wednesday, setting its sights top top the us mainland as it intimidated to flourish into a category 3 storm.

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Puerto Rico, which had actually braced for the worst, seemed to it is in spared any kind of heavy wind and rain, a huge relief to many on one island whereby blue tarps still cover part 30,000 homes practically two year after Hurricane Maria. The island’s 3.2 million inhabitants also depend top top an stormy power network that continues to be prone come outages because it was destroyed by Maria.

Power outages and flooding were reported across the united state Virgin Islands, the brother Virgin Islands and the Puerto Rican islands of Vieques and also Culebra after Dorian fight St cutting board as a group 1 storm.

“We’re happy because there space no damages to report,” Culebra’s mayor, william Solis, called the connected Press, note that just one community lost power.

Donald Trump began the day by insulting and taunting Puerto Rico and its residents, who space US citizens, on Twitter. “Puerto Rico is just one of the most corrupt places on earth,” the president wrote in part. “Their political mechanism is broken and also their political leaders are one of two people Incompetent or Corrupt. And also by the way, ns the finest thing that’s ever happened come Puerto Rico!”

Florida officials stated Wednesday that they space preparing for the hurricane to make landfall somewhere follow me the state’s eastern shore. Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis, declared a state the emergency and also urged inhabitants to take precautions in anticipation of a possible Labor day strike.

Dennis Feltgen, a Hurricane facility meteorologist in Miami, claimed Dorian may grow in size and also could land all over from southern Florida to south Carolina top top Sunday or Monday. “This will be a large storm pull close the south-east,” that said.

County governments along Florida’s east-central coastline are distributing sandbags and many residents are rushing to warehouse retailers to load up ~ above water, box food and emergency supplies.

Trump claimed an emergency ~ above Tuesday night and also ordered federal assistance for neighborhood authorities in Puerto Rico. However in a tweet Wednesday morning, Trump, a climate situation denier, appeared to complain about Puerto Rico’s exposure to storms, and also escalated a long-running feud through Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of mountain Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital.

The two created a combative partnership after the island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria virtually two year ago, when US aid was slow to arrive and also Trump offended numerous during a visit.

We space tracking very closely tropical storm Dorian together it heads, as usual, come Puerto Rico. FEMA and also all others room ready, and also will do a good job. As soon as they do, let them know it, and also give them a large Thank you - Not choose last time. That has from the incompetent market of mountain Juan!

— Donald J. Trumped (

On Tuesday night, Cruz claimed that Trump have to “get out of the way”.

“Three thousands Puerto Ricans walk not open their eyes this morning since this racist male did not have actually it within him to execute his job,” Cruz stated on CNN. “So acquire out the the way, president Trump.”

Cruz was referring come the fatality toll native Hurricane Maria, which fight Puerto Rico in September 2017. An official report criticized the trumped administration’s slow solution to the devastation from the storm, which ruined the island’s strength grid and decimated its agriculture and tourism industries.

On Tuesday morning, Trump had actually tweeted about Dorian, and seemed come complain around the cost of hurricane recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, which have actually fallen far brief of restoring the island.

“Wow! yet another large storm heading to Puerto Rico,” trumped wrote. “Will it ever before end? Congress authorized 92 billion Dollars for Puerto Rico critical year, an all time document of its type for ‘anywhere’.”

Trump’s tweet consisted of multiple falsehoods. If Congress has allocated $42.5bn for disaster relief for Puerto Rico, the island had actually received less than $14bn v May, follow to federal data. And in any kind of case Trump’s title amount the $92bn would certainly not qualified the Maria relief package together “an all-time record” for the costliest tropical cyclones, follow to the federal government’s very own figures. Safety on recovery for Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas and Louisiana in the very same storm season as Maria, has so far cost $125bn.

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Since Maria, Puerto Rico has actually struggled v political turbulence resulting in the recent exit of the governor, Ricardo Rosselló. Previously this month, the territory’s supreme court overturned the swearing-in the Rosselló’s successor, Pedro Pierluisi, and the previous justice secretary, Wanda Vázquez, became governor.