President Biden's recent COVID-19 vaccine mandates for large businesses having been reputed constitutional. However, there's tho a fight because that military organization members. President Biden wants the Pentagon to need vaccines for U.S. Armed forces members. He even argued offering dishonorable discharge as an alternate for active-duty troops who don't want to obtain vaccinated.

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Meanwhile, memory of president Biden's own family military history come right into question. Was his son, Hunter Biden, dishonorably discharged?


While Hunter Biden was in the navy Reserves, the tested confident for cocaine in a pee analysis. The optimistic drug test triggered his removal indigenous the marine Reserves. He was discharged in 2014.

Hunter Biden had a brief military career, signing on at the age of 43 to become a part-time ensign in the marine Reserve. He compelled two waivers to sign up with the military, one since of his enlarge age and the other as result of a drug-related event when he was younger.

When Hunter Biden officially joined the navy Reserves, he was assigned to navy Public work Support element East in Norfolk, Va. After simply one month, the confident cocaine drug test stopped his fledgling armed forces career.

Hunter Biden didn't receive a dishonorable discharge complying with his positive drug test. Eight months after the urinalysis, he received an governmental discharge.

Shortly ~ the event, Hunter Biden stated that it to be "the respect of my life to offer in the U.S. Navy, and I deeply regret and also am embarrassed the my actions led to my governmental discharge. I respect the Navy’s decision. Through the love and also support of mine family, I’m relocating forward."

At the time, chairman Biden was Vice president under president Obama. That didn't make a statement and chose to let his son manage the consequences of his own actions.

The navy doesn't administer honorable discharges to company members that fail drug tests. The harshest form of bureaucratic discharge is OTH (Other than Honorable). Because of the Privacy Act, the general public doesn't understand what type of bureaucratic discharge Hunter Biden received complying with his failed drug test.

It's most likely that Hunter Biden obtained his discharge changed from dishonorable to administrative due come his ties as the then-VP's son. This is specifically true provided his short-lived military career. What we don't recognize is how much the a rest he really got.

President Biden's various other son, the late Beau Biden, was a significant on the 261st Signal Brigade in the Iraq War. He was awarded the bronze Star Medal and Legion that Merit award by general Odierno because that his services in the war. After ~ his death, Beau Biden was awarded the Albert Schweitzer management Award.

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Despite Hunter Biden's quick and freckled armed forces history, he has actually gone top top to work as a lawyer, lobbyist, and even a painter. His artwork was newly showcased by the prestigious Georges Bergès gallery in new York and Berlin.

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