In a brand-new study, French scientists analyzed fragments of Adolf Hitler’s this to prove the he died in 1945, after acquisition cyanide and shooting self in the head. The research, released in the European newspaper of inner Medicine in may 2018, seeks to finish conspiracy theories around Adolf Hitler’s fatality through scientific evaluation of the dictator’s teeth and also skull.

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“Our examine proves the Hitler died in 1945,” lead study author Philippe Charlier said AFP. “The teeth room authentic, there is no possible doubt.”

Though it’s widely created that Hitler died in his bunker in Berlin, rumors of his to escape abound. Their research proves the “he did not flee to Argentina in a submarine, that is no in a hidden base in Antarctica or on the dark side of the moon,” stated Charlier.

In so late April 1945, as Soviet pressures stormed Berlin, Hitler made plans for his suicide, including testing SS-supplied cyanide pills on his Alsatian, Blondi, and also dictating a final will and also testament. 2 days earlier, Mussolini had been shot and also publicly hanged by his feet in a suburban square in Milan, Italy: A comparable fate seemed inevitable.

Late ~ above April 30, the body of Hitler and also his brand-new wife, Eva Braun, were found in the bunker, with a bullet hole in Hitler’s temple.




In April 2018, the English publishing of the memoirs the a Russian interpreter revealed just how she had actually been entrusted through a collection of this in 1945, and tasked with cross-checking them against the dictator’s dentist records: they matched, and also have continued to be in Russian hands ever before since, the Telegraph reported.

After months of negotiations, Russia’s FSB an enig service and the Russian state archives gave the researchers permission to research a skull fragment and also bits the his teeth. The piece of skull had actually a hole on the left side, continual with a bullet wound, v black charring about the edges. Though researchers weren’t allowed to take it samples from the skull, they provided in the study, that is shape seemed “totally comparable” to radiographies of Hitler’s skull take away a year before his death.

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Gruesome images of the teeth released in the study present a jaw made greatly of metal. “At the minute of his death,” they wrote in the report, “Hitler had only 4 remaining teeth.” The few there room misshapen, brown in ~ the base, and also flecked with white tartar deposits.

The evaluation corroborated frequently-cited claims that Hitler to be a vegetarian, however could not conclusively prove whether he took cyanide before the gunshot. Bluish shop on his false teeth, the researchers wrote, imply a variety of different hypotheses—did part chemical reaction take place between his fake teeth and also the cyanide in ~ the minute of death, throughout his cremation, or while the stays were buried?

Without acquisition samples for analysis, it’s difficult to say because that sure. “We didn’t know if he had actually used one ampule that cyanide to death himself or whether it to be a bullet in the head. It’s in all probability both,” Charlier said.

Either way, the study may aid finally put tales of Hitler’s trip to rest, once and also for all.