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Says Hillary Clinton offered 20 percent the America’s uranium to Russia and also then "the Russian government provided $145 million come the Clinton Foundation." former FBI Director and special counsel Robert Mueller "delivered it."


A controversial tale entailing Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, uranium and also Russia continues to rear its ugly head year after it come out.

We previously reported on what us know about the Uranium One deal and to this particular day the details continue to be murky.

The charge: that Hillary Clinton sold around 20 percent that America’s uranium supply to Russia in exchange because that $145 million in donations to the Clinton Foundation.

A current social media write-up that take away the accusation a bit additional by lumping in previous FBI director Robert Mueller, one-of-a-kind counsel in the continuing special counsel investigation.

The post has a photo of Hillary Clinton with text saying, "I sold 20 percent that America’s uranium come Russia. Then the Russian government gave $145 million to Clinton Foundation." underneath is a picture of Mueller, with text saying, "I ceded it."

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As secretary of state, Clinton did serve on a government board that at some point approved a deliver of uranium, however she wasn’t the deciding vote. And also the Clinton structure did get $145 million native parties connected in the transaction — but the days of a huge share the the donations and the transaction don’t include up to suggest a quid agree quo.

Mueller to be the FBI director at the time, and also the FBI was investigating corruption by the Russian company involved in the deal before the carry was approved. However he played no function in transferring anything that we can find.

The Uranium One deal

The story stems ago to the 2015 publication Clinton Cash, an examination by Breitbart News editor-at-large Peter Schweizer. A thing in the book suggest a pay-for-play scheme in between the Clintons and Russia, accusing them of transferring uranium in exchange because that donation money.

According to our vault story, in 2007, a Clinton foundation donor, candid Giustra, marketed his company UrAsia, to an additional — Uranium One — and also unloaded his personal stake in it. The merged company kept Uranium One together its name and also was based the end of Toronto.

Though it was based in Canada, Uranium One has mines, mills and land in Wyoming, Utah and other U.S. States equal to about 20 percent that the U.S. Uranium production capacity. That actual production, though, is actually a smaller part of the uranium produced in the U.S., in ~ 11 percent in 2014, according to

Under the regards to the deal, UrAsia shareholders kept a 60 percent stake in the new company until June 2010, once Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, completed acquisition of a 51 percent stake.

But the deal had to be authorized by many U.S. Organ first, including the Committee on foreign Investments in the joined States, or CFIUS — on i beg your pardon the U.S. Secretary the State sits.

The committee authorized the proposal, and in 2013, Russia suspect 100 percent ownership of the company and renamed it Uranium One Holding.

The deal, however, was no Clinton’s to provide alone. The CFIUS panel also includes the attorney general and also the secretaries that the Treasury, Defense, Commerce, Energy and also Homeland Security, and also the top of the Office the the U.S. Trade Representative and also the Office of scientific research and an innovation Policy.

The insurance claim makes the seem choose Clinton had actually the strength of vetoing or approving the deal, i m sorry she did not.

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Clinton has said the she was not personally associated and, in a New York Times article, then-Assistant Secretary that State Jose Fernandez, who represented the State room on the panel, said Clinton "never intervened" in CFIUS matters.