This web page was existing at the end of the main'' s last term in workplace covered by Please call us with any type of updates. imager_1_312_700.jpg" alt="*" div d Overall ballots td did-hillary-run-for-president-in-2008 Republicans 39 2 td 41 b td tr did-hillary-run-for-president-in-2008 Clinton enacted assistance of human resources 1424 - Financial Possession Acquisition Authority as well as Tax Obligation Regulation Changes. The expense passed the Us senate on October 1, 2008, by a ballot of 74-25. The expense accredited the development of the Struggling Possession Alleviation Program for the Treasury Assistant to get struggling properties from banks. Ballot was divided in both events. Safeguard Fencing Act div Hillary Clinton b incumbent 64% td 3,008,428 tr             td Republican td John Spencer 29.6 % td 1,392,189 td             td Eco-friendly Howie Hawkins td 1.2 % td td    55,469 tr td         td Liberal Jeffrey T. Russell     0.4% 20,996 td         Socialist Employees     td Roger Calero 0.1% td 6,967 td         td td    Socialist Equal rights td William Van Auken td 0.1 % 6,004 td         N/A td Blank/Void/Scattering 4.5 % 210,579 td tr Complete Ballots b 4,700,632 b td table h3 2000 Us senate On November 7, 2000, Hillary Clinton won political election to the USA Us Senate. She beat Rick Lazio(R) , Mark J. Dunau (G), Jeffrey E. Graham(Self-reliance), John O. Adefope(Right to Life), John Clifton(L), Louis P. Wein(Constitution)as well as Jacob J. Perasso(Socialist Employees) in the basic political election. 15     b United State Us Senate, New York City General Political Election, 2000 tr Event Prospect td Elect  % td Ballots td tr         Autonomous td The financing information revealed right here originates from the disclosures called for of events as well as prospects. Relying on the political election or state, this might not stand for all the funds invested in their part. Satellite costs teams might or might not have actually used up funds pertaining to the prospect or political leader on whose web page you read this please note, and also project financing information from political elections might be insufficient. For political elections to government workplaces, total information can be discovered at the FEC web site. Go here for even more on government project financing regulation as well as below for even more on state project money regulation. tr Hillary Clinton project payment background b tr Year b td Workplace td Outcome b td Payments tr 2006 United State Us Senate( New York City) div design="text-align: facility " td $31,609,673 tr Grand overall increased b td b$83,177,405 td tr Resource: Comply with the cash td tr 2006 h3 div design ="text-align: facility" div br Clinton won political election to the united state Us senate in 2006. Throughout that political election cycle, Clinton"s project board elevated a total amount of$51,567,723 as well as invested$40,828,991. 17 Price per ballot Clinton invested$13.57 per ballot obtained in 2006. USA Us Senate, 2006-Hillary Clinton Project Contributions b tr b Overall Elevated $51,567,723 tr b Complete Used $40,828,991 td Complete Elevated by General Political Election Challenger b td $5,849,610 td b Overall Used by General Political Election Challenger td $5,660,688 td tr b Leading factors to Hillary Clinton"s project board b td Citigroup Inc $236,610 td tr Goldman Sachs $205,670 MetLife Inc td $156,060 tr Time Detector td $146,390 td tr Corning Inc td $135,750 td Leading 5 markets that added to project board td tr Lawyers/Law Firms $4,307,478 tr Stocks & Financial investment td $2,744,933 tr td Property $2,308,936 td tr td Retired td $2,085,759 tr TV/Movies/Music td $1,356,273 table p Evaluation Division budget plan h3 United State Division of State 18 Yearly Spending plan tr YearBudget (in billions)% Distinction from previous year tr td 2012 td $50.9 9.94 % tr 2011 $46.3 td -0.43 % tr td 2010 td$46.5 td -11.6 % tr 2009 td $52.6 N/A td tr table Keep in mind: 2014 just stands for the Division "s budget plan demand, not an established spending plan. Belief as well as management See likewise: GovTrack "s Political Range & Legal Management ranking2009 p Based upon an evaluation of expense sponsorship by GovTrack, Clinton was a rank-and-file Democrat as a legislator. 19 p Internet worth h3 See likewise: Modifications in Total Assets of United State Senators as well as Reps (Individual Gain Index) as well as Total assets of USA Senators as well as Representatives2011 Based upon legislative economic disclosure kinds and also estimations offered by, Clinton "s total assets since 2011 was approximated in between $ 5,710,008.00 as well as $ 26,551,000.00. That standards to $ 16,130,504.00, which rated 6th amongst participants of the executive branch. Her ordinary computed total assets lowered by 48.3 percent from 2010. 21 p 2010 Based upon legislative economic disclosure kinds as well as estimations offered by, Clinton "s total assets since 2010 was approximated in between $ 10,740,011.00 as well as $ 51,654,000.00. That standards to $ 31,197,005.50, which rated 5th amongst participants of the executive branch. p h2 After the 2016 governmental project h3 Participation in 2018 primaries h3 In Florida's 27th Congressional Area, Clinton backed Donna Shalala in the race wherefore some onlookers called one of the most susceptible Republican area in the nation. Shalala, a previous Clinton management authorities as well as head of the Clinton Structure, encountered a difficulty from state Rep. David Richardson, a fan of Medicare for All. p Clinton likewise supported New york city Gov. Andrew Cuomo in his re-election proposal. He dealt with previous Sex and also the City celebrity Cynthia Nixon, that called herself a modern choice to Cuomo. p h2 Individual h2 p Keep in mind: Please call us if the individual details listed below needs an update.Clinton is wed to previous united state Head of state Expense Clinton.
They have one child, Chelsea. p Current information h2 p The web link listed below is to one of the most current tales in a Google information look for Hillary + Clinton b p