Clinton asked for for her protection clearance to be withdrawn after Trump revoked former CIA Director john Brennan's protection clearance in mid-August.

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Former Secretary the State Hillary Clinton speak to the audience at the annual convention that the American Federation of teacher on July 13, 2018 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.Jeff Swensen / Getty photos file
WASHINGTON — The State room says previous Secretary of State Hillary Clinton"s defense clearance has been withdrawn at she request.

Clinton"s decision come after Admiral william McRaven penned one op-ed in the Washington article rebuking president Donald Trump"s decision come revoke former CIA Director john Brennan"s security clearance in mid-August, according to her spokesperson Nick Merrill.

"I would consider it an honor if you would revoke my security clearance together well, so i can add my name to the list of men and women that have talked up versus your presidency," McRaven created in one editorial with the headline "Revoke my defense clearance, too, Mr. President."

On Aug. 30, Clinton"s representative created a letter come the bureau of Diplomatic security at the U.S. State Department questioning for a retract of her clearance "immediately."

" has no desire to have her clearance become component of an unmatched partisan controversy over the clearance process, for the factor eloquently stated by Admiral william McRaven," Clinton"s attorney wrote.

The late August letter was expected to be got quietly since the previous secretary of state didn"t desire her decision to make headlines and be provided for "partisan purposes," according to Merrill.

"Secretary Clinton has good respect because that Admiral McRaven," Merrill wrote in a tweet ~ above Friday. "She check out this blog post & chose to take it the step of voluntarily withdrawing her defense clearance, i beg your pardon she maintained after leaving her post as Secretary the State to write her book, customary for previous Secretaries."

Sure enough, 6 weeks later on Senator Grassley, king amongst partisans, exit a letter, again playing national politics with our national security. That a disgrace.

— Nick Merrill (

Clearances for 5 other human being Clinton designated as researchers have likewise been withdrawn, and clearance because that aide Cheryl Mills.

The State room disclosed Clinton"s inquiry in a letter come the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The committee chairman, Sen. Lining Grassley, authorized the letter"s disclosure complying with consultation through the department. The letter blacks out the names of 4 other Clinton researchers whose defense clearances to be withdrawn critical month.

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The Iowa Republican has been critical of Clinton"s handling of share information and has urged governmental sanctions. The State Department stated that this upgrade is component of their continuous review of your "mishandling" that the former very first lady"s non-government email server.