at last, Clinton said, "Give me the phone," obtained her opponent on the line and said two words she had actually never intended to say: "Congratulations, Donald"

Michael Loccisano/Getty photos soon after 11:00 p.m., after Wisconsin was dubbed by Fox News, Allen and also Parnes report the the project fielded a collection of calls indigenous the White residence pushing Hillary Clinton come concede, also though the spare part in many states to be extraordinarily close. President Barack Obama thought it to be over and also did not want a messy recount.

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First came a call from White residence political director David Simas come Clinton’s project manager, Robby Mook. “POTUS doesn’t think it’s wise to traction this out,” Simas said.

But Clinton to be dragging that out.

So climate she obtained a speak to from POTUS. “You should concede,” urged Obama, who repetitive the message in a follow-up speak to to Clinton’s campaign chairman, man Podesta.

At last, Clinton said, “Give me the phone.” and then the first woman who was walk to be president gained her enemy on the line and also said 2 words she never expected to say: “Congratulations, Donald.”

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Moments later, Obama was ago on the phone, this time making a consolation call. “Mr. President,” Clinton claimed softly. “I’m sorry.”

Joe Raedle/Getty photos The dire step in the Peninsula unearths a bit of history that was mainly left unreported in the wildly that complied with that night, as the country and also the human being focused nearly entirely ~ above the emerging reality of Trump’s victory.

Thanks come Allen and also Parnes, we now know how Clinton reacted, in ~ the moment she was claimed to come to be the very first female president. And we know how the Clintons responded, at the minute when the country told them: No more.

But as revealing together those moment are, lock inexplicably come in the book’s final pages and also largely was standing apart native the rest, i m sorry is mainly a dutiful recitation the every to and fro the the so-very-long, joyless, ugh-filled Clinton campaign. Who desires to relive the democratic primary debates? Or review 20 pages each around the Iowa caucuses (she won, barely) and the new Hampshire primary (she lost, bigly)?

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“Shattered” is basically a sequel come “HRC,” a 2014 book by Allen and Parnes the chronicled Clinton’s time at the State Department. It’s additionally the very first offering of what will certainly surely be many books about what really happened inside the 2016 campaigns. Going very first has its benefits – perhaps in sales and also attention – yet in this situation the quick-fire version proves too limiting.

Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg Does the really matter who to be pissy at whom in Brooklyn as soon as we quiet don’t understand what duty the Russians played in the choice or why FBI director James Comey publicly announced a reopening that the email investigation in so late October? Those inquiries are greatly left unexplored here, various other than together targets the Clinton’s post-election ire.

Staying within Clinton’s inside circle likewise keeps the story oddly far from Trump, who is absent from much of the publication even despite he to be the leading force throughout the election. Through contrast, Clinton’s main fight versus Sen. Bernie Sanders of vermouth consumes lot of the first half that the book. The authors carry out plenty the details, yet their takeaway is familiar: Sanders was suddenly popular; Clinton might never quite number him out yet nonetheless managed to outlast him.

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Cliff Owen / linked Press “Shattered” leaves open the concern of how Clinton lost. She and her campaign are persuaded that Comey to be the pivotal variable – and also there is proof to support that view. But the Comey episode doesn’t attend to why the gyeongju in the reliably blue Rust Belt to be so close to begin with or what Clinton might have done to change it.

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Much the the post-election analysis has criticize Clinton and also her campaign for focusing on “reach” claims such together North Carolina instead of putting an ext resources in the upper Midwest. That watch is both echoed and called right into question in “Shattered,” which depicts a vexing Goldilocks-style trouble for Clinton throughout the region.

In Wisconsin, she didn’t present up enough. In Michigan, regional organizers believed it was finest that she remained away. In Pennsylvania, she campaigned together aggressively as everywhere in the nation. In every three, she lost by less than 1 percent of the vote. So what must she have actually done?