Time flies! Hayden Panettiere marveled at how rapid her daughter, Kaya, has grown up as she celebrated her 6th birthday.

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The Nashville alum, 31, common a photograph of Kaya’s How come Train your Dragon-themed date of birth cake via Instagram on Wednesday, December 9. The confection to be shaped favor the number 6 and also included macaroons and also marshmallows.

“Today, i met the most amazing (not so little anymore) creature,” Panettiere captioned the post. “Can’t believe my infant girl is obtaining so big! #HappyBirthdayKaya #blessed

The Heroes alum shares Kaya through her ex-fiancé, Wladimir Klitschko. The pair began dating in 2009 but separation in 2011. Panettiere later reconciled with the skilled boxer, 44, and they got involved in 2013. However, the duo dubbed it quits because that the 2nd time in august 2018. Panettiere called Us Weekly in February 2019 the they have a stable coparenting relationship.

“We’re still respectful of every other, and also we still have actually that friendship v each other,” she said at the time. “It’s not a instance that you discover yourself in all that often, therefore it’s a new one. However I think we’ve done a really great job.”

The actress included that lock are elevating their daughter through “book smarts and also street smarts,” adding, “ trial and error as a parent. We’re every going to make mistakes.”


Hayden Panettiere Evan Agostini/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Later the month, a source told Us that Panettiere “hasn’t had much time” with Kaya while she daughter was living v Klitschko. “She knows the boy being v her is not best for ,” the insider explained at the time. “It’s a sad situation.”

Us evidenced in august 2018 that Panettiere was date Brian Hickerson in the wake up of her break-up from Klitschko. The Scream 4 star split from Hickerson complying with a dispute in February that caused his second domestic violence arrest. In August, a warrant was issued for Hickerson’s arrest after he was accused of influencing or intimidating a angry in Teton County, Wyoming. The south Carolina native turned himself right into the Teton county jail on august 19 and also was exit on a $25,000 shortcut the day after his arrest.

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Despite the turoulend relationship, a resource told Us in June the Panettiere is in a “good place” because the split.

has actually done a 180-degree turn since her destructive ordeal with Brian,” the insider stated at the time. “She’s relocating ahead with her life and also getting earlier into functioning in Hollywood and being creative again. It’s all an extremely therapeutic for her.”

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