Star Wars: 20 Wild Revelations about Han and Leia's partnership In plenty of ways, Han Solo and Leia Organa room Star Wars, their relationship driving the franchise to this day.

name a an ext iconic duo. We"ll wait. Han Solo and Leia Organa are finish opposites, and constantly seem to be arguing about something or other. And that"s precisely what makes them a perfect movie couple. They"re real! They"re filled with passion, and also every moment they re-superstructure on display is filled through life, tension, and electricity. They could have had actually their ups and downs end the years, however in the finish it all simply makes their partnership that lot stronger. Some of the many iconic present of the whole Star Wars franchise to be uttered by these 2 characters. Their best moments together space unforgettable. In countless ways, Han Solo and also Leia Organa room Star Wars.

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But also the greatest Star Wars fans probably don"t understand every tiny detail around this renowned intergalactic romance. Dig a tiny deeper right into the Star Wars lore, and there room all species of juicy details waiting. There are additionally plenty that stories around what taken place behind the scenes, and you understand what they to speak - truth is a lot stranger than fiction. If friend think you recognize all about this famous pair, then think again. We"re around to pour out the bean on part wild revelations behind this above relationship...

one of the most an effective revelations come come the end of Carrie Fisher"s memoirs to be the fact that she had a fling v Harrison Ford throughout the filming of the Star Wars trilogy. The was all exposed in her newly released book, The Princess Diarist.

These revelations to be obviously uncomfortable for Harrison Ford, seeing as he was married in ~ the time. Rolling Stone quoted Carrie Fisher together saying: “I wouldn’t have ambushed him choose that, but it’s quiet – no matter if i told that or not, it most likely feels prefer an ambush. It feels choose an ambush to me, and I’m the one who wrote it."

It"s among the most famous Star Wars insults, however very couple of people know what it in reality means. In situation you"ve forgotten, Princess Leia call Han Solo a "Nerf-Herder" in Empire Strikes Back, when their bickering appears to with its pinnacle. But what is a nerf-herder, anyway? Why is it such a huge insult?

As it turns out, this humiliation is other of an inside joke. According to the comics in the increased Universe, Han and also Leia actually finish up smuggling nerfs throughout the galaxy, together a means to raise money ~ Han Solo gambles every little thing away. A nerf is something choose a bison or water Buffalo.

It"s one of the many iconic currently in the whole Star Wars universe. Han is around to it is in frozen in carbonite. Leia isn"t sure if he"ll endure the procedure. She decides to say "I love you" because that the very first time. Han Solo, in usual fashion, replies merely "I know."

Now, there"s a the majority of conflicting information around this line. Many world think it was improvised by Harrison Ford in ~ the time, which actually isn"t true. Harrison Ford did create the line, yet it wasn"t a spur of the moment kind of thing. He basically believed that Han wouldn"t it is in the kind of human to speak "I love friend too," and also invented his own line ahead of time.

17 Carrie Fisher Admitted the She Would have actually Rather play Han Solo

while Leia frequently looked down upon Harrison Ford"s roguish nature together Han, Carrie Fisher appears to have admired it. In fact, she when admitted the she would have rather play Han, instead of Leia.

As quoted by The Guardian, Carrie Fisher when stated: "I would certainly rather have played Han Solo. Once I an initial read the manuscript I thought that"s the part to be, always wry and sardonic. He"s constantly that. I feel favor a lot of the time Leia"s either worried or or, give thanks to God, sort of snarky. However I"m much an ext worried and than Han Solo ever was, and those aren"t fun things to beat ..."

Han Solo has a long, deep previous behind him, and Leia to be hardly the first woman in his life. That honor goes instead to Q"ira, Han"s childhood finest friend and eventual lover indigenous Corellia. These two grew up top top the roads together, and developed a strong bond. They eventually went their different ways, however not before embarking on a wild adventure together.

Much the this is explored in Solo: A Star battles Story, and the romance in between these characters is among the key themes that this film. It"s interesting to note her similarity to Leia in numerous ways, and also her numerous differences.

15 Han Wasn"t about For Their Son, Ben

many fans agree that one of the key reasons Kylo Ren fell to the dark next was because his father was missing for lot of his childhood. Rather of being v his family, Han appeared to be more concerned with living his old life that smuggling, adventure, and even starship racing.

Who to know what can have taken place if Han had played a bigger duty in his son"s upbringing. That was apparent that Kylo Ren harbored a real sense that resentment in the direction of his father, seeing together he eventually plunged a lightsaber with Han"s chest. Still, probably he was constantly destined to autumn to the dark side...

Han only ever before agreed to rescue Leia because of the promise of riches. This remained in stark contrast to Luke"s motivations, as the young Jedi seemed captivated by she beauty much more than something else. Nevertheless, they every played their part in the rescue operation for their very own reasons, and this showed to be the first time Han and Leia met.

One could argue the Leia at some point succeeds in an altering Han into a less money-obsessed individual, yet there"s no denying the he only met Leia in the first place due to his greed. It"s an exciting thought come say the least.

13 In Return the The Jedi, They turning back Their renowned Lines

We already know that Empire Strikes Back contained among the many iconic present of the franchise: "I know." But Return the The Jedi contains a little detail the some civilization might have missed. Their iconic lines are actually reversed in this movie, with Han speak "I love you," and Leia answering just "I know."

It"s a an excellent little touch, and also it renders sense in the paper definition of the movie too. As soon as this exchange happens, Leia has actually just finished acquisition out a pair of stormtroopers through a hidden blaster, leaving Han extensively impressed. Finally, the audience understands that the feeling is mutual in between these two.

Not just was there a substantial age gap between Carrie Fisher and Han Solo at the time, but additionally in the created lore that Star Wars. In the yes, really movie, Leia is actually ten year younger 보다 Han. In actual life, Harrison Ford to be fourteen year older than Carrie Fisher! This is quite a huge age gap, yet it never seems favor a large deal in the movie.

Carrie Fisher is exceptionally mature for she age, when Harrison Ford appears a tiny boyish in ~ times. In the end, it"s no really a big deal. That knows what the age gap was favor off camera.

11 Leia Is In Denial around What She really Wants

Leia is constantly going on around how disastrous Han is, complaining about his manners, his motivations, also his "scruffy-looking" appearance. She seems to dislike the fact that he"s not really a "nice guy." but as lot as she claims to like nice guys, that obviously isn"t the case. She"s deep in love v Han, and also probably since of the an extremely attributes she claims to hate.

It"s an amazing reminder the love and hate are intrinsically connected with each other. These two emotions are essentially two sides of the very same coin, and it reflects in Leia and also Han"s deep complex, tumultuous relationship.

among the craziest things about Leia and also Luke is the they actually kiss in the very first movie. Feather back, this seems favor a weird decision indigenous a storytelling perspective. Why would they permit such a bizarre scene to take it place, knowing that these were actually twins? The fact is the at the time, George Lucas and also the manufacturing team had actually no idea this two personalities were walking to be related.

It to be only later that these 2 were made right into siblings. And if the rumors room correct, there was originally supposed to be a love triangle in between Han, Leia, and Luke.

9 Leia and also Han never ever Told Kylo Ren that His grand Was Anakin

for the longest time, no one knew around Vader"s descendants. Leia actually retained her father"s identification secret, due to the fact that this revelation would certainly cripple her political career. This level of secrecy was prolonged to she son, Kylo Ren, who was never informed around his grandfather"s dark past. Eventually, the reality came out and Leia"s career was destroyed.

At this point, it"s most likely that Kylo Ren eventually discovered the truth. He must have actually felt betrayed on part level, seeing together his parents retained such critical information native him. It might have to be a factor in his ultimate descent right into the dark side of the force.

In the novel Bloodline from the broadened Universe, it was revealed the Han Solo never ever wanted kids. He never ever imagined himself as a father, and also this put him in problem with Leia, who wanted a family. He appears to have been pushed right into the family lifestyle, at least to some extent.

This can explain why he was missing for so countless years during Kylo Ren"s upbringing, and why he and Leia drifted apart ~ a while. No matter just how much he loved Leia, it seems favor he constantly had a wild side - the same side of that that we met in Mos Eisley every those years ago.

7 Han and Leia actually Did obtain Married best After The fight Of Endor

For numerous Star Wars fans, the finish of Return that The Jedi significant the end of the relationship in between Han and also Leia. These two young lover were victorious in your struggle versus the Empire, and they were finally able to work out down and also pursue a real, loving connection with one another.

But as perfect as their last moments on display were, we never actually saw them acquire married. Rest assured, that DID happen, and the ceremony was illustrated and also explained in the expanded universe. It was the happily ever before after that these two personalities deserved, also if the wasn"t to last.

return Han and Leia"s partnership was currently strained when Kylo Ren turned come the dark side, this new twist in their family life confirmed to it is in the last nail in the coffin for their relationship. In numerous ways, it to be if their son had actually perished. In the same way Obi-Wan once explained Vader together "eliminating" Anakin, Kylo Ren murdered Ben Solo - the boy Leia and also Han had raised.

Their grief ~ this loss proved to it is in too much of a stress, overload on your relationship, and they decided to end things. This to be the actual reason they drifted apart - just to reunite again in the Disney sequels.

5 Leia and also Han when Took Out whole Imperial Weapons factory Together ~ above A secret Mission

A many time passed in between the occasions of A brand-new Hope and The empire Strikes Back - enough time for Leia and also Han to gain into every sorts of sticky situations. One highlight contained the pair acquisition down an empire Weapons factory together, ~ above Cymoon 1. Disguised as an envoy for Jabba The Hutt, they managed to infiltrate the facility and also destroy it.

They programmed the facility"s reactors come self-destruct, and got out of there prior to the entire factory exploded. This was one of the an initial times Han Solo started to to express his true feelings for Leia, yet there to be still a many tension between the two.

believe it or not, Han Solo to be married once, long prior to he ever before met Leia. Well, sort of. In truth, it was all part of fancy plot come pull turn off a significant robbery when Solo was still a an extremely young man. Solo and also a woman dubbed Starros pretended to be married in order to pull turn off the con. It every went smoothly, until Solo chose to betray Starros and also take her cut of the take.

Years later, Starros tracked Solo down, seek revenge and jokingly claiming to be his long lost wife. Obviously, this didn"t sit well through Leia, that was developing strong feelings because that Han at the time.

3 Leia and also Han Once battled Side by Side v Lightsabers

on camera, the just time we ever before see Han usage a lightsaber is to reduced open a Tauntaun to keep Luke warm. He doesn"t also use it in combat, and also he only activated the blade because that a brief moment. In many cases, it"s clear the the lightsaber is the weapon of force users, and no one else.

Well, there to be one circumstances in the broadened universe wherein both Leia and also Han are compelled to usage lightsabers. This was as soon as they to be on the "smuggler"s moon" the Nar Shaddaa, and also they were compelled to use the lightsabers after ~ their various other weapons had actually been lost. It was an awesome minute to speak the least.

before Leia and also Han got to the ice world of Hoth, where the start of Empire Strikes Back would take it place, they found themselves ~ above the Rebel outpost of Horox III. Throughout a short skirmish, Han was brainwashed by Abersyn Symbiotes, and also forced to offer an angry queen.

The queen then offered him shocking orders: Eliminate Leia. Compelled to comply, Han Solo attempted to hunt Leia under on the outpost, practically succeeding in removed his future wide. However Leia had the ability to convince that to put down his weapons, and also the brainwashing was at some point broken. Not many human being know around this small incident.

1 Han and also Leia helped Squash A Mutiny top top Mon Cala

virtually immediately prior to the occasions of Empire Strikes Back, Leia and also Han travel to Mon Cala, in order to attend to a mutiny on the Rebel-allied planet. Throughout this undersea adventure, Han and also Leia worked with the legendary Admiral Ackbar, and also succeeded in stabilizing the earth in their time that turmoil.

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The end an outcome was the Mon Cala"s outstanding fleet to be at the disposal of the Rebel Alliance, other which would certainly prove extremely valuable in later on battles. Spring back, Han Solo and Leia achieved a lot of together in between the events of A brand-new Hope and Empire Strikes Back, and also this undoubtedly strengthened your relationship.