Over the last number of years, Hallmark has come to be rather well known for its hefty Christmas movies slate, ramping up the number of movies released year after year because that the last number of years. Unfortunately, because of a many unforeseen circumstances in 2020, i don’t believe we’ll be getting any type of headlines around Hallmark hitting brand-new holiday movie heights in 2020. If anything, we’re seeing the opposite together the network even cancelled a staple: the When call The Heart Christmas movie. Obviously, Hearties room feeling all the feels.

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First and foremost, if you aren’t up on the news, Hallmark in reality made the notice When calls The Heart would certainly be lacking in Christmas cheer this year. It’s worth noting the network did try to brighten the mood a little by stating a “special surprise” would be coming.

The lack of a When calls The Heart Christmas movie does surprise me a little, simply since the famous Hallmark period drama was among the very first productions to get back to job-related after the quarantine period experienced in nations all over the world earlier this year. Many fans were just grateful there will certainly be any When calls The Heart comes up at all many thanks to Season 8 being able to obtain off the ground with mask-wearing, quarantining in between filming and also all kinds of brand-new protocols. Per fan terrycloth Ann:

Thanks to everyone associated at WCTH in these complicated times during the pandemic. Mine Christmas wish is everyone be safe while filming in Vancouver. Looking forward to seeing S8.

A lot of fans were bummed about this update, i beg your pardon is to it is in expected. When calls The Heart has actually consistently been one of Hallmark’s highest-rated and also most well-liked program on the network, even spawning a sequel When expect Calls. (The sequel originally aired as component of the streaming program before hopping to the network itself.) Anna B"s take?:

Wait... What? No #WCTH Christmas special? Awww, together a 2020 bummer. Say thanks to you come the cast and also crew because that all the you space doing in together a difficult year.

Given “2020 bummer” appears to be one of the huge themes the this entire year, it’s no surprise some fans basically said given the method the whole year is going, this is among the many 2020 advancements so far and also we haven"t even reached the tail end of the year yet.

A pan or 2 even chose to speculate around what the “special surprise” might ultimately be, and some the the guesses weren’t fifty percent bad. Pan Pamela blacksmith said:

Ultimately, Hallmark fans will certainly be getting some holiday movies this year. The network has actually been making strides to adjust up few of that content a little as well, adding more diverse storylines and even some other holiday story – consisting of movies around Hannukah—in current years. The lineup for 2020 has already basically been revealed by the cabler because that 2020 and also productions have been functioning in “pods” to do the magic happen.

Still, there"s a fairly full slate of fall content ahead prior to we acquire to Christmas movies along with When call The Heart Season 8, which is intended to fight the network in 2021. To view what’s top to TV before then, take a look at our complete schedule.

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