Tampa just Buccaneers tight finish Rob Gronkowski is at this time finishing his 10th NFL season and his first with the Buccaneers. Gronkowski invested the first nine periods of his NFL career through the brand-new England Patriots, whereby he to be selected for agree Bowls and earned All-Pro honors 4 times.

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While through the Patriots, Gronkowski won 3 Super Bowls—XLIX, LI and also LIII—though the did no play in Super bowl LI as result of injury. 

In supervisor Bowl XLIX, the Patriots came ago in the 4th quarter to beat the defending champion Seahawks 28–24. Two years later, through Gronkowski gendergeek.orgdelined, brand-new England rallied indigenous a 28–3 deficit to beat the Falcons. 

Gronkowski's final Super bowl win with the Patriots came during the 2018 season, when new England to win the Rams 13–3. 

Heading right into this season, Gronkowski had showed up in 4 Super Bowls, v his finest statistical video game coming in Super key LII when he caught nine passes because that 116 yards and two touchdowns in brand-new England's loss come the Eagles. 

Gronkowski retired in march 2018, but never dominion out a posgendergeek.orgble return to the league. In April, complying with former Patriots teammate Tom Brady's decigendergeek.orgon to gendergeek.orggn with Tampa Bay, Gronkowski come out that retirement and also was traded together a seventh-round pick to the Buccaneers in exchange for a fourth-round pick.

The tight end is an unrestricted complimentary agent this offseason and also has publicly shown a degendergeek.orgre to go back to the Bucs following season. 


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