Yesterday, SourceFed alleged that Google was manipulating autosuggestdata to defend Hillary Clinton. The thrust the the allegation is that as soon as you find for "hillary clinton cri" crimes does not populate together a feasible autosuggest. Here"s the video clip for much more on the allegation:

This is a major allegation against Google, so us looked into it and also turns out that SourceFed missed crucial check before saying Google manipulated autosuggestto protect Hillary Clinton and also her campaign... Walk "cri" ever before autosuggest to crimes, criminal, or miscellaneous similar. Transforms out, that doesn"t.

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First, let"s check Donald Trump that has additionally been involved in criminal and civil cases. "donald trump card cri" doesn"t return anything about alleged crimes the he may have committed.

Here"s whereby it it s okay even an ext convincing. What around people who are recognized as criminals? below are the autosuggestresults the we"re gaining for these notorious criminals:

Al Capone Cri


Charles Manson Cri


Ted Bundy Cri


To assistance their allegation, SourceFed supplied Google trends to verify the crimes to be far an ext common the what Google said to finish the query, yet the exact same disparity holds for Al Capone (see below) and the others for that matter.

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Unless SourceFed desires to increase their allegation the Google is trying to whitewash end the crimes of Al Capone, Charles Manson, and also Tedy Bundy simply the exact same as lock allege because that Hillary Clinton, they have to retract your allegation. Ultimately, this is Google"s fault yet it"s due to the fact that of a cons in just how autosuggest responds come the characters, cri, not any intentional manipulation to benefit Hillary Clinton.