57 years old

Date of Birth:

February 10, 1964

Birth Place:

Everett, Washington



Full Name:

Glenn Lee Beck


TV & Radio host, Conservative Political Commentator, TV network producer, Author, Entrepreneur


6 feet 2 inches (1.9m)




Mixed (German & English)


4 (Hannah, Mary, Cheyenne, Raphe)
Glenn Beck is a political commentator who infuriates and inspires at the same time. Beck’s comments rarely align with a particular political ideology but he has been conservative for most of his career. Glenn made a name for himself as a no-nonsense radio presenter, and his Glenn Beck Radio Program is one of the most popular radio programs in America.

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Beck left Fox News in 2011 to form a television and radio network known as TheBlaze. He currently hosts two radio segments on TheBlaze. Glenn is also an author, and he has six New York Times bestselling books.

This article will look at Glenn Beck’s personal life. It will look at his marriages, his kids, and his relationship with his parents.

He contemplated suicide after divorcing his first wife in 1994


A couple of years after Glenn’s parents divorced, Mary Beck went for a boat ride with Orean Carrol and Carrol’s pet dog. Carrol’s pet dog was the only passenger who survived the boat ride. Mary’s body was found floating near the boat while Carrol’s body washed up the following morning. The police ruled their deaths an accident, suggesting that one of them went overboard, and the other failed in their rescue attempt, and thus, both of them drowned.

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Beck was forced to live with his father after Mary’s death, but he mostly spent time with his grandparents. Glenn and his father didn’t see eye to eye, and it was best for them to stay far away from each other. The story about Mary’s death seemed to have concluded until Beck reignited it by claiming that she committed suicide.

According to Beck, his mom passed when he was 13, and she left a suicide note on the mantle as she went out that morning. Government reports indicate that Mary passed away in 1979 when Beck was 15. Beck’s narrative about his mother’s death might be believed were it not for the contradiction about dates.

Mary Beck struggled with fits of depression and chemical addiction, which led to her divorce. After his mother’s death, Glenn had to deal with his step-brother’s suicide. This chain of events plunged him deeper into drug abuse.

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