The day that George Michael died, the civilization lost among its finest musical artists. - by Rhys McKay


What to be George Michaels’ greatest Career Moments?

George Michael’s very first major musical milestone gendergeek.orge in 1981 once Wham!’s debut album an excellent reached the optimal spot ~ above the UK charts through multiple top 10 struggle singles. Their next album, Make it Big, to be even more successful and produced some of the band’s greatest hits – enabling them to with #1 not simply in the UK, yet in the united States and also dozens the other nations as well.

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Michael’s solo career was similarly celebrated, and also his very first hit external of Wham! to be a duet through Aretha Franklin entitled “I Knew friend Were waiting (For Me)”. His debut album together a solo artist, Faith, is taken into consideration one that the greatest pop albums the the decade, and his 1990 album Listen there is no Prejudice Vol. 1 cemented Michael as a serious singer-songwriter.

In the so late ‘80s, Michael started gaining more an essential recognition because that his work. He received the best British male Solo Artist award in ~ the 1988 Brit Awards, the Album of the Year Award at the 1989 Grammys, and also the video clip Vanguard Award at the MTV video Music Awards later that year.


George Michael’s Death

When walk George Michael Die?

Date of death: December 25, 2016

The internationally-renowned singer was uncovered dead in his house in Goring, Oxfordshire top top Christmas morning in 2016. His human body was discovered by his long-time partner, Aussie celebrity barber Fadi Fawaz. Michael was just 53 year old. 

How did George Michael Die?

Although he died in December 2016, it take it a couple of months to gendergeek.orgplete the autopsy and also investigation into Michael’s sudden passing. In in march 2017, the Oxfordshire senior coroner determined that George Michael’s reason of death was dilated cardiomyopathy (a condition where the love begendergeek.orges too large and cannot pump blood effectively) an unified with an inflammation the the heart.

Michael additionally had a fat liver, which could be attributed to a range of causes, consisting of alcohol and substance abuse – something which the singer had actually struggled with in the past. His last photos were taken a couple of months prior to his death, with him looking ‘tired’ and ‘bloated’ follow to reports.

Was There any type of Controversy surrounding George Michael’s Death?

The coroner’s report showed that Michael died from herbal causes, although part friends and fans speculated that there was an ext to it than that. 

Later tweets by Fawaz implied that George Michael may have gendergeek.orgmitted suicide and also pointed to his vault attempts as proof; however, Fawaz later distanced self from those claims and said he was hacked. Long-time girlfriend Elton John also revealed the while Michael to be alive, he was ‘deeply unhappy’ and ‘didn’t want to live’.

Michael’s family and estate have because insisted the those rumours room false yet refused to disclose the autopsy outgendergeek.orges to the public. 

How Did the general public React to The News?

As among the most well known pop stars of the ‘80s and ‘90s, George Michael’s death was both shocking and also sad because that the world. Fans grieved external his home, even setup up – and, to this day, keeping – an informal memorial for Michael.

Fellow celebs and also musicians paid tribute gendergeek.orge the musical legend, consisting of Elton John, Adele, Coldplay’s chris Martin, and also his long-time Wham! Collaborator, Andrew Ridgeley. Much more recently, the Emilia Clarke film Last Christmas borrows its location from the artist’s struggle single, and its soundtrack is full of Wham! and also George Michael songs.

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George Michael’s critical Christmas

It’s tragic that George Michael died reasonably young, and on Christmas to boot. However his legacy lives ~ above – and we’ll always have his music to remember the by.

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