A picture of the "fake" $20 invoice George Floyd offered at a keep minutes prior to his death was presented at Derek Chauvin's trial on in march 31.

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The pictures were part of court papers that have been filed to try and also dismiss charges against Thomas Lane, among the four-ex Minnesota cops connected in Floyd's death.


George Floyd was eliminated while gift detained by 4 Minnesota police officers

What was found in George Floyd's auto the job he died?

A picture from the court docs present four receipt – 2 $20 bills and two $1 receipt – spread on the seat on the inner of Floyd's car.

Pictures additionally showed crumpled bills in between the seats and the interior car consoles.

The photos were released v a memo top top Tuesday, supporting a activity filed by Lane's attorney, Earl Gray.

"The photos in this exhibit display crumpled increase money, two – counterfeit twenty-dollar bills, and also two one-dollar bills, lodged in between the center console and also the passenger seat. Right where Lane witnessed Floyd placed his right hand," the memo said.


The alleged fake $20 bills Floyd used at a keep the work he diedCredit: Minnesota district Court

In the document, the was suggested that charges versus Lane need to be dismissed.

"Officers did not know if there was a gun involved or if the occupants of the vehicle were planning to flee.

"It was later on learned the it to be counterfeit money that Floyd was shoving into the next of the chair where officers saw him reaching, as shown by the images in exhibition 6," the memo said.

The memo added: "Floyd to be uncooperative from the 2nd officers approached his vehicle. Floyd was proactively resisting and also acting erratic for over 10 minutes."

Lane – like various other ex-Minneapolis cops Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng – face charges for aiding and abetting second-degree murder in the fatality of Floyd, 46.


Former police officer Derek Chauvin is encountering charges of unintentional second-degree murder, third-degree murder and manslaughterCredit: Rex

What go the save clerk say throughout the trial?

A new surveillance footage was displayed during Chauvin's trial listening on in march 31st, shows Floyd purchasing cigarettes utilizing the supposedly counterfeit $20 invoice at a Cup foodstuffs in Minneapolis on might 25, 2020.

The cashier who served Floyd called the court the he speak to the 46-year-old when he an initial entered the store, however he was slow-moving to respond.

"When ns asked the if he play baseball, he went on to respond to that but it take it him a little long to gain to what the would shot to say," Christopher Martin, 19, called the jury.

"It would appear that he was high," the teen added.

"He to be talking, having actually an mean Memorial Day life his life but he walk seem high," he later added.


Store clerk Christopher Martin, 19, to be the very first witness come testify in Chauvin's trialCredit: AP

In the video, taken within the Cup Foods, Floyd is seen strolling around and also speaking to employees and other customers.

At numerous points in the video, which has actually no audio, Floyd is checked out shuffling around and bouncing on his toes together he moves in and out of the shot.

A friend, that Martin claimed he later on saw sit in the passenger next of Floyd's car, is presented walking into the store and also handing something to him.

The cashier stated that earlier in the day, he had actually prevented the man, that was attract red trousers in the monitoring video, from making use of a fake bill.

He claimed the man seemed favor he to be "trying to scheme" and also knew the bill was fake.

After around ten minute, the new surveillance footage reflects Floyd walking up to the frount respond to where Martin, attract a gray hoodie, serves him cigarettes.

The cashier, who likewise lives over the store, told the court the while he believed Floyd showed up high, he might understand the request he made.


Martin was the clerk in ~ the it is registered the job George Floyd offered the 'fake' $20 billCredit: Reuters

Martin, who had only been functioning at the store for 4 months, perfect the transaction with Floyd however is viewed holding up the $20 bill to check it and also told the court he thought it was fake.

He defined the invoice as having actually a "blue pigment come it just how a $100 would."

"I discovered it weird so i presumed it to be fake," young name explained.

“I don’t know what i was spring for, I just knew it to be fake.”

He said the court that the store policy was that employees who embraced a counterfeit bill would need to pay for it themselves and also that the was at first going to put it ~ above his tab.

"Then I second guessed myself and kept assessing it and also eventually referred to as my manager," martin continued.

When questioned about why he permitted Floyd to use the bill he thought to it is in fake as soon as he had actually earlier staying clear of the male in red trousers seen communicating with the 46-year-old, Martin declared he thought he to be "doing the a favor".

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The Cup foodstuffs store the day of Floyd's deathCredit: Reuters

How can I watch the trial?

The trial began March 29 (and can be watched here) v both sides making there opening statements.

In the opened statements, the defense argued on instead of of Chauvin that Floyd died not of pressure administered by Chauvin, but instead the an outcome of an "angry crowd, drug overdose and also heart attack."

MMA fighter Donald Williams testified in court that he "believes he saw a murder."

Former police officer Derek Chauvin's trial started March 29, 2021 and also is intended to last four weeksCredit: Reuters

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