Dash Chef Digital Blender Review – Is this your Dram Blender? 

New Technology 9.5
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This is a professional grade blended that is engineered to do anything you can dream of with a blender. Make ice-cream in minutes, crush ice quickly for your summer cocktails, make your own peanut butter, make rice flour, whip up hot soups in a flash, and make the best smoothies, ever. It’s much more than a blender, it functions as a food processor, ice-cream maker and is strong enough to process harder vegetables too.

What Makes This Blender Amazing?

It has a 1400 watt motor, that can whip the strong blades around at an astonishing 35 000 RPM. That’s revolutions per minute. Don’t worry about the math, all you need to know is that this baby can generate 2.25 Horsepower. Why do you need so much power? Well, the stronger your blender is the more easily it can handle harder jobs like crushing hard grains, and seeds, and blitzing up softer ingredients, in a flash.

Dash is a professional grade blender

The name is there for a reason! This blender will let you do things in a dash. Are you making soup for dinner? Pop it into your Dash blender, and in a short time, you will have a wonderfully nutritious creamy meal. Would you like to make your own ice-cream? With the Dash blender you can make ice-cream in moments.

The high speed revolutions of the blender will combine your ingredients to make a smooth ice-cream in moments, before anything even has had a chance to melt. Instant ice-cream.

Instant ice-cream, super-fast smoothies, instant creamy soups – can this blender get any better? Yes – it can. Does it have any drawbacks?

Six Different Settings – Dash is your personal chef. 

Why does it need different settings? Well, this is a powerful blender. Add ice, and blitz, and you might end up with fine ice powder in moments, and then – ice water. The settings are designed to regulate the speed and action of the blades. You can choose from: Puree, Crush, Pulse, Smoothie, Frozen and Rinse. Dash will do the work for you – and switch off when your smoothie is done.

Big Pitcher & Bigger Size

A generous sized pitcher means that you can easily make bigger quantities if you need to, at ease. Fancy making a pitcher of tropical fruit juice. Pop in your favorite fruits and blitz. Add some orange juice and ice and serve in tall glasses. Cocktail umbrella optional. The pitcher holds 2 liters, or 81/2 cups. This is a bigger model than some of the others on the market, so it takes up a little more room.

Noise factor

This is a powerful appliance and there is a noise factor. Commercial blenders that are used often have plastic shields that fold over the machine, to dull the sound. While you won’t be able to creep into your kitchen and make a midnight chocolate ice-cream without anyone hearing you, it really is a small drawback, considering the benefits of owning a more powerful blender.

Cleaning The Mess

Dash has a special Rinse setting. Just add water, and let your Dash blender clean itself. It really couldn’t be easier to clean. You won’t need to clean debris caught in the blades. Dash will clean itself.


Pack food or ice into your blender with ease, but remember to use the pestle if you want to shift the ice around. A pestle is designed with a blunt end and will not get jammed in the blades.

7 Year Motor Warranty

This is a generous warranty and reflects the high quality of engineering, and design used, in the construction of this appliance. It’s made for a busy kitchen, and designed to work hard for you.

Pros and Con’s

The Dash Blender is a sleekly designed modern blender that is a professional grade. Are their negative features? Not really. It may be a bit noisy, but it is powerful. The chord can be stored under the machine too, so it takes up less room. It is not the cheapest model out there, so you will need to budget for it. It comes in trendy bold colors but they price is high. It really depends on your budget, but this model has great features. Overall, this is good choice to look at, if you’re in the market for a blender.