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Audiences have actually reacted strongly to the talk show host"s three-part interview through JonBenet Ramsey"s brother, in details the 29-year-old"s seemingly unreasonable smiling while stating his sister"s murder. However, Dr. Phil insists Burke"s smile is simply a result of anxiety.

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ET recorded up with Dr. Phil top top Thursday, whereby he spoke much more about Burke, and also defended him against naysayers.

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"Burke is not and also has never been a doubt in this case," he merely stated. "I think human being have thought about him otherwise because, in the really beginning, the DA and the Boulder PD have actually acknowledged and also admitted they placed out misinformation to the media, come the public, to try to put press on the Ramseys come either do a mistake or break or confess."

"Burke has been the lacking link in this whole thing because in 20 years, he"s never spoken," the continued. "He is, as I say, the only other human being known in the house."

JonBenet"s body was discovered on Dec. 26, 1996 in the basement of she family"s Colorado home by she father, John, hours after police had currently searched the home. John and also his wife, Patsy, had initially contacted police upon finding out a ransom keep in mind demanding $118,000 for the 6-year-old beauty, beauty queen"s safe return. John, Burke and Patsy -- who died of ovarian cancer in 2006 -- were ultimately cleared of any type of wrongdoing by police in 2008.

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As for Burke"s critics, who find his ability to smile once talking around his sister"s killing unsettling, Dr. Phil says he"s simply shy.

"People have commented on his smile, which is completely from anxiety," the explained. "He"s sort of a loner. He"s socially uncomfortable."

"When civilization are anxious, castle do different things. They traction on their hair or fiddle around, or whatever… for him, it"s a concerned smile," the said, including that he thinks some have gotten used come Burke"s seemingly odd facial expression. "I think they"ve acquired past that and listened to the sincerity that his answers and said, "OK, he"s just nervous.""

Dr. Phil likewise offered understanding into Burke"s life at home, saying the while he"s to be "moved around" and also "lived in isolation," he currently "has a really nice life."

"He"s a very private individual, yet he has actually a great career and has a good relationship v his father," that shared. "They"re not with each other all the time. Castle live fifty percent a nation apart."

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Instead, Dr. Phil claims Burke is maintaining himself busy with a job in the computer industry, and also enjoying the firm of his girlfriend. "He"s in a partnership with a an extremely nice young woman," that said, including that he was shocked through Burke"s "brilliance."

"He functions in security, and I began asking that questions. Ns wasn"t v the second question prior to he to be so far beyond my understanding, I simply kind the glazed over," Dr. Phil recalled. "He"s very bright, very sophisticated, very well educated, and really sophisticated in what that does, and has a lot of pride in that actually."

"The interesting thing about the passage of time is you don"t have to speculate around who someone is. It"s been 20 years since this happened and also in the time, Burke"s never been in trouble with the law. He"s never had any problem with assault or violence or anything prefer that. It"s completely consistent through him no being a suspect," the concluded, before teasing viewers through what lies front in the final installment that his interview through Burke.

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"On our last episode, what you"re going to hear is Burke"s very specific theory around who eliminated his sister," that promised.

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