INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Fort Wayne"s NBC) - Dr. Jerome Adams and also his wife Lacey relocated their household to the nations funding when he to be selected by the Trump administration to serve as United says Attorney General.

During his swearing-in ceremony, the family had no idea the difficulties they"d face over the next 4 years.

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"He has actually taken me ~ above a wild journey this life for sure," Lacey Adams says. "We met once we to be 21. He to be in clinical school. I would have actually never supposed 25 years later on that this would certainly be ours life. Ns knew ns was marrying someone special but I walk not understand he to be going to be the surgeon General."


Months after the household made the move, Lacey to be picking up the kids from school while she husband was the end of city addressing the opioid crisis.

"My doctor called me and also told me the news," she remembers.

"I was in an Uber, in Atlanta, going from the CDC, come a studio to execute an interview with Lester Holt," Dr. Adams says.

"I think I probably started off with, "It"s okay. However it"s not an excellent news, however call me back.""

The devastating news? The melanoma she thought she had beat a te ago… was back.

In in march of 2018, she had surgery to remove 12 cancer lymph nodes. She went v immunotherapy and also by January the 2020, the scans came earlier clear. But then in July of last year, throughout the height of the pandemic, she to be diagnosed again for the 3rd time.


"One the the hardest moments, most daunting moments during COVID as Thanksgiving Eve," Dr. Adams remembers. The treatment began to reason severe headaches. "So ns drive her to the hospital and also I"m the Surgeon general of the unified States. However that doesn"t matter. It"s COVID, you"re not enabled in the ER. Ns dropped she off in ~ the emergency room door and we don"t understand if she"s walking in for emergency surgery. We don"t know what"s going to take place to her. Ns don"t understand if I"m ever before going to view her again."

The fight versus cancer continued. For Dr. Adams that supposed researching the finest treatment for his mam as the fulfilled his function as the nation"s top doctor during a once-in-a-century pandemic.

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He served out his term and now, earlier home in Indiana, the Adams are happy come report that Lacey"s recent scans came back clear.

"It"s simply so easy, specifically for a woman and also a mother that you sort of put yourself 2nd or third or fourth," she says. "If there is miscellaneous that"s kind of in the back of her mind, just put everything else top top hold and also make the appointment."