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Dao had actually his clinical license rely for much more than 10 years because that illegally prescribing patients with painkillers. He was sentenced come probation, staying clear of a two-year prison sentence he might have served.

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Here’s what you should know:

1. Dao experienced a Concussion, lost Teeth & a broken Nose After he Was eliminated From the Plane

The airline claimed that it available “up to $1,000 in compensation” if someone would accept. Nobody finished up comes forward, so joined staff said it would select four passenger randomly to leave the plane. Dao was one of the four, and also officials approached that “more than one time” to come turn off of the plane, come which he refused and “became an ext disruptive and belligerent,” United said in an internal email to employees.

The airline stated its agents “were left v no choice” except to call Chicago Aviation Police to get Dao off of the flight. As soon as they arrived, security police officers were unable to get Dao to cooperate through their instructions and also physically gotten rid of him with the aisle.

In the scuffle, Dao’s face struck an arm rest and also his mouth became bloodied. A brief time after ~ officials gained him turn off the plane, he returned to the cabin and ran to the back, stop onto an object and pled to let him go home.

Officials eventually subdued Dao and took him turn off the flight. The flight was delayed around three hours due to the fact that of the incident.


2. Dao to be Convicted the Prescribing a Patient with Painkillers In Exchange for Sex in Louisville

In 2003, Dao was charged with 98 counts of illegal prescribing and trafficking prescription painkillers such as hydrocodone, Oxycontin and also Percocet. You can read the criminal complain above, in addition to other files related to the case and also Dao’s medical license.

He was a co-defendant in the case together with Brian D. Case, who was indicted ~ above 33 felony medicine charges.

Dao was recorded on surveillance video meeting patients and also supplying them v painkillers, mainly hydrocodone.

According come a criminal complain on at the very least one occasion, Dao obtained $174 in exchange because that the pills in an unlabeled bottle. Native 2001-2003, Dao “unlawfully prescribed controlled substances” come patients, court documents said.

The criminal complain in the situation went onto say the Dao would solicit homosexual relationships with a male patient in exchange for a prescription because that hydrocodone. The meetings arisen at motels and also it was found that Dao had written out personal checks to the patient on an ext than one occasion.

The patient was arrested at a Walgreens Pharmacy and also brought in because that an interview, whereby he confessed about his and Dao’s relationship. The male was lugged into police custody due to the fact that he to be calling the pharmacy come order prescriptions and also saying the he was in reality Dao, picking up prescriptions under countless aliases.

Dao was at some point arrested by police at a hotel room in Jefferson ar on July 25, 2003. The room was under security by the Louisville Police Department and also Dao was seen v the masculine patient without a shirts on and with his trousers undone. The patient gave Dao money for a party of pills and also police stormed the room come arrest that upon the exchange.

Dao to be officially charged v unlawful prescribing, trafficking in a managed substance and complicity in obtaining medicine by fraud and also deceit and pled no guilty to the charges.

Some of those charges came to be dismissed, but Dao was eventually convicted on 6 counts. He was uncovered guilty that complicity in obtaining a managed substance (hydrocodone) through fraud and also sentenced to 2 years, eight month in prison, a sentence the was suspended, and also was ordered to pay a $5,000 fine.

In addition to those convictions, Dao to be indicted in Nelson County v eight felony counts of obtaining regulated substances by fraud and deceit and eight an ext of complicity to attain controlled substances by fraud and also deceit. Those fees were every dismissed in April 2005.

3. Before His medicine Convictions, Dao, that Fled Vietnam to come to America, cure Patients in ~ a Hospital & owned His own Practice

An employee indigenous the hospital later on clarified in a statement to hefty that Dao “had privileges come treat his own patients at the hospital indigenous July 1986 to October 2003.” while doing so, he opened up a medical practice alongside his wife.

Before that, though, he studied at a clinical school in Vietnam prior to he was forced to flee the country. He was in the Vietnamese army in 1974, but never saw action in the Vietnam War.

Dao eventually fled the nation in 1975 once Saigon fell, travel on a boat. Demetrio stated in a press conference the being dragged under the aisle the the United flight “was an ext horrifying and also harrowing than what he knowledgeable in leaving Vietnam.”

He perfect his clinical training in California before moving come Indiana in 1980. There, he operated at a jail in Michigan City but quit after one year once an inmate supposedly tried to strangle him with his own stethoscope.

Dao’s medical license was suspended top top October 16, 2003 by the Kentucky plank of medical Licensure due to the fact that of his transgressions. He used to have it totally reinstated in 2007, yet the board shot it down.

It quote Dao’s exercise as constituting “a peril to the health, welfare and also safety that his patients or the general public.” The ruling added that it has actually “probable cause to believe that the physician has committed specific violations in the recent previous that present probable cause to believe that (Dao) will commit comparable violations in the near future.”

In order for it to acquire reinstated, Dao had to undergo considerable educational classes and evaluations through psychologists. As soon as he perfect the compelled work, Dao applied for that to it is in reinstated again, and also he was granted to be partial renewal. On in march 2, 2016, board chair C. Wilhelm Briscoe agreed to allow Dao to resume his practice of medicine in Kentucky.


4. One Patient finished Up working For Dao at His exercise & Quit due to the fact that of Sexual breakthroughs Made by Him, He said In a Criminal Complaint

A united Airlines flight. (Getty)

The main informant in the situation — who wasn’t established in the complain — very first met Dao in September 2000 as a patient. He had been having actually chest pains and was described Dao by another doctor.

Three months after the two met, Dao request the masculine patient to it is in an office manager at his clinical practice in Kentucky. He worked there for about six weeks, however eventually resigned since of sexual advances and harassment from Dao, a complaint said.

But instead of saying the actual reason he had quit, the patient instead wrote in his resignation letter that he rather for “personal reasons.”

But the relationship between Dao and also the patience didn’t end there.

Once the previous office manager left the business, the criminal complaint claimed Dao “intensely gone after him, calling numerous times a day and driving to (where the lived) to discover him.”

Eventually, the 2 met each other once again because that a duration of 6 months. Throughout that span, Dao composed him an individual checks come the previous employee that totaled approximately $4,500 in addition to prescribing hydrocodone.

Dao’s wife eventually uncovered out about the checks and also assumed he was having actually an affair. Together Dao’s wife ongoing her personal investigation, the two quit meeting because that a quick amount that time. Soon enough, Dao paid turn off the previous employee to keep quiet come his wife.

The patient said in an interview with authorities that he believed that Dao to plan on obtaining him addicted to the painkillers so that he would keep coming ago to fulfill with him.

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5. Dao has actually Made more Than $234,000 play in World collection of Poker Tournaments & pursued a Career together a Chef

United Airlines doctor David Dao killed It In World collection of Poker

— Paul Zemanek (

In enhancement to gift a doctor, Dao has likewise played in several expert poker tournaments affiliated v the World collection of Poker. He joined the poker circuit in July 2006 while his medical license was suspended.

In the previous decade, Dao has actually career earnings of $234,664, according to the World collection of Poker’s website. He many recently played in the Horeshoe Tunica WSOP Circuit event in Mississippi on January 23, finishing 11th to victory $1,191. His biggest win came in 2009 in ~ the Harrah’s Tunica Circuit Championship occasion in Mississippi, whereby he winner $117,744 through finishing in 2nd place.

According come his biography on, Dao play poker “semi-seriously for around four years.”

In addition to his time at the poker table, Dao had an interest in gift a chef and even attend a cook school.

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The publication below from Sullivan university in Kentucky declared that Dao had actually taken a “sabbatical from his busy clinical practice” in 2004 to take it up cooking.

It check out that Dao had found a passion around food and also preventing an illness “instead of constantly treating the symptoms.”