Updates ~ above Ben Carson. A pioneering neurosurgeon and also Republican, Carson served as secretary of housing and also urban development in the management of chairman Donald Trump native 2017 come 2021. He summary made a run for the Republican nomination because that president in 2016. Cuba Gooding, Jr. Illustrated him in the TV movie Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story.

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Ben Carson COVID Diagnosis confirmed Days ~ White house Election Party
"He is in great spirits and also feels fortunate come have access to efficient therapeutics which aid and markedly rate his recovery," Carson"s deputy chief of employee Coalter Baker said.
Trump Denies pushing FDA to grant Oleandrin for COVID-19
Dozens the Pride and also Black Lives issue protesters met outside first Baptist Dallas where number of demonstrators taunted police policemans with doughnuts ~ above a string.
While the church will inspect temperatures, it states that facemasks and also social distancing are "strongly encouraged" yet not required.
The Trump management official stated the bases were named as component of "a conciliatory movement" ~ the civil War.
"I think there"s racism in the United states still, however I don"t think that the law enforcement device is systemically racist," Attorney general William Barr said on Sunday.
The secretary that housing and also urban advancement asserted that a "plan will be in place" however would not give details.
Housing and Urban advance Secretary Ben Carson blamed rampant U.S. Homelessness ~ above "stacks and also stacks of regulations" on an innovation for modular and also tiny homes.
CNN organize Ana Navarro-Cárdenas claimed a current Rasmussen vote of black color voter support raising for chairman Donald trump card is fake, quuppiping that just Kanye West, Diamond & Silk to be surveyed.
Last week, 4 days before the lawsuit was filed, Ivanka Trump arourted a new effort by the Trump administration to end human trafficking.
Carson supposedly sent an agency-wide e-mail attempting come preempt the outrage impending over his remarks.
The Trump administration proposed cutting funding for Baltimore"s main rat extermination program just prior to chairman Donald Trump"s "rodent infested mess" rant against the city critical month.
If real estate Secretary Ben Carson has his way, it will be virtually difficult to struggle the unjustified policies that disproportionately bar world of color from obtaining housing.
Carson and also HUD officials moved the news conference come a nearby alley after ~ the Morning Star Baptist Church that Christ asked castle to leave the premise.
HUD Secretary Ben Carson, a longtime Baltimore neurosurgeon, claimed President Donald trump told him he"s willing to work with Congressman Elijah Cummings to help "bring relief" to the city"s poorest residents.
"It"s the brain. Ns look at people, and also I think about people at the level and also not top top a superficial basis," Ben Carson said when asked even if it is he feel "lonely" being the just African-American member the Trump"s cabinet.
Can you "explain the disparity in REO rates. Carry out you recognize what one REO is?" Rep. Katie Porter (D-Cali.) asked department of Housing and also Urban room (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson throughout a hearing on Tuesday. "An Oreo?" Carson responded.
Carson contrasted his HUD plan to trip attendants informing passengers to placed on your oxygen masks prior to helping others.
Carson unveiled a proposal to aid close a loophole that permits some people in the nation illegally come live in government housing while negative Americans wait on lines for years.
Carson"s day-to-day schedule indigenous 2017, derived through a lawsuit and listed to NBC News, likewise shows the the Trump-appointed secretary just held senior staff meetings once a week.
"I would certainly be interested in return to the private sector, due to the fact that I think you have just as lot influence—maybe more—there," the housing and also urban advance secretary said.
Carson, a Detroit native, has had actually his surname on the Ben Carson High institution of Science and Medicine due to the fact that the school opened in 2011.

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"An agency can"t just decide one day that it"s not going to monitor its very own regulations," a plaintiff said.
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